.: Believe in chocolate

I’ll never lose faith in chocolate.


I don’t think I need to post my recipe, because everybody knows how chocolate muffins are made.












I just wanted to say little chocolate things can rule the world.

.: The shape of you

Come on now follow my lead hmm hmm hmm


minced meat, pork and beef (about 100 gr per person)
grated parmigiano-reggiano (don’t call it parmesan… I hate it)
grated bread
1 egg each 300 gr of meat (approx)
olive oil (evo)

In a bowl mix the meat with the egg, add the parmesan and the grated bread, with a bit of parsley and a very bit of pepper (if you like it).


Then prepare the meatballs. I make them small. The smaller you make them, the faster they cook, of course. Roll them in some more grated bread.
Then put some oil in a pan and cook them in it.

No tomato, nothing complicated. All very simple.


I’m in love with the shape of you


.: Overwatch

Mi sono accorta… I realised I didn’t show how I make my ragù.

Very simple…molto semplice. Oil and onion, soffritto which means you fry it veeeeery slightly


poi si fa rosolare la carne, mista di maiale e bovino; some pork and minced beef.


Poi si aggiunge il sugo e la carota tritata. You finally add tomato sauce and minced carrot.


then you can listen to Laura’s version of Overwatch theme, as long as you wait

.: Game of carrots

This week I’m addicted to Game of thrones main theme, and to carrots.

I don’t know if there might be any relation between the two things but that’s it. And tastes good.

Carrot salad, very simple, with oil, salt and oregano.


But also beef and carrots…


and mini veal hamburger with carrots


Just be careful with the cooking time. Minced meat takes just a few minutes to get done and you have to think how much you like carrots cooked. I put them in the pan with a little oil, then add the meat.

I like very much the contrast between the sweet of carrots and the salted taste of the beef.

In realtà ci sono ricette molto più elaborate in rete, e ispirate al manzo a fettine con carote, di origine orientale. Ma io faccio cose velocissime… quindi se volete provare, tagliate un po’ di carote a julienne e spezzettate del buon manzo oppure prendete la carne che vi piace (io ho fatto anche il pollo!). Mettete poco olio in una padella, fate saltare un pochino le carote, aggiungete un pizzico di sale e di pepe, poi mettete la carne e la fate cuocere, non troppo.

Io adoro questo mix… e penso che continuerò a mangiarlo almeno finchè non avranno distribuito anche le stagioni 7 e 8 di Game of Thrones.