.: The shape of you

Come on now follow my lead hmm hmm hmm


minced meat, pork and beef (about 100 gr per person)
grated parmigiano-reggiano (don’t call it parmesan… I hate it)
grated bread
1 egg each 300 gr of meat (approx)
olive oil (evo)

In a bowl mix the meat with the egg, add the parmesan and the grated bread, with a bit of parsley and a very bit of pepper (if you like it).


Then prepare the meatballs. I make them small. The smaller you make them, the faster they cook, of course. Roll them in some more grated bread.
Then put some oil in a pan and cook them in it.

No tomato, nothing complicated. All very simple.


I’m in love with the shape of you



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