.: if you’ll let me

If everybody is adding a few more flowers, this whole world can again become a garden

Osho, Sermons in Stones, Talk #12

My neighbour Fatima invited me to have tea with her. Her mint tea is delicious. An the cake and the biscuits are too. She adds a few more flowers to the world.

And she also makes the makhmar bread. It is a simple but really good type of bread:

100 gr durum wheat bran flour
150 gr type 1 flour
120 gr water
5 gr brewer’s yeast
a pan

dissolve the yeast in the water. Mix it with the flour. Add the salt and knead it well. Leave it there for 10 minutes. Then make it in pieces and leave it for another 10 minutes. Then make the pressed discs or squares. Leave them there for 30 minutes.
Warm a pan on the burner, middle flame, then put them in side and have them cooked. Turn them to cook them well.

It is good for breakfast and for everything else. I love it. And love makes you do crazy things. Even bear the crazyness of the person you love.

Just add some carrots…

“Love brings your heart into relationship — and when the heart is in relationship there is always pain. If you avoid the pain, you will miss all pleasures of life. With love you become human; you stand erect on earth. With love you are vertical.”

The Discipline Of Transcendence, Osho

I know you’ve been hurt
By someone else
I can tell by the way
You carry yourself
But if you’ll let me
Here’s what I’ll do
I’ll take care of you
I, I loved and lost
The same as you
So you see I know
Just what you’ve been through
And if you’ll let me
Here’s what I’ll do
I just have got to take care of you
You won’t ever have to worry
You don’t ever have to cry
I’ll be there beside you
To dry your weeping eyes
So darlin’ tell me
That you’ll be true
‘Cause there’s no doubt in my mind
I know what I want to do
And just as sure
One and one is two
I just got, I got to take care of you
I just got to take care of you
Take care of you

(Brook Benton originally recorded by Bobby Bland in 1959 – here sung by Beth Hart)

* This is for you, love. You are hurting me, but I still love you. *

Relationship is a mirror, and the purer the love is, the higher the love is, the better the mirror, the cleaner the mirror. But the higher love needs that you should be open. The higher the love needs you to be vulnerable. You have to drop your armor; that is painful. You have not to be constantly on guard. You have to drop the calculating mind. You have to risk. You have to live dangerously. The other can hurt you; that is the fear in being vulnerable. The other can reject you; that is the fear in being in love.
Love gives you the first experience of being in tune with something that is not your ego. (..)
Love is a ladder. It starts with one person, it ends with the totality. (..) To be afraid of love, to be afraid of the growing pains of love, is to remain enclosed in a dark cell. Modern man is living in a dark cell, it is narcissistic. Narcissism is the greatest obsession of the modern mind. And then there are problems, problems which are meaningless.

If you don’t go into love, as many people have decided, then you are stuck with yourself. Then your life is not a pilgrimage, then your life is not a river going to the ocean, your life is a stagnant pool, dirty, and soon there will be nothing but dirt and mud. (..) That’s where modern man finds himself and because of this, all kinds of neuroses, all kind of madnesses, have become rampant. (..) And that neurosis is coming from your narcissistic stagnancy. (..)
The people who say life is meaningless are the people who have not known love.

(..) Solo attraverso la notte oscura arriva il mattino.


.: Am I the one

Sounds like an existentialist question, doesn’t it ? well it’s a song. One of those which can hit you in the deep. an make you think of a dilemma… imagine you are one of those little cake…

someone is watching you and… thinking about which one to choose… which one to eat… and the better you are, the sooner you’ll be chosen.

Am I the one ? Am I the good one ? Am I the one… you love ?

Well… on the left we have Tam Tam (by Bahlsen), it’s good, but not homemade. On the right is my apple-inside muffin. Look

Now: which one would you choose ? The good one always go first. Luckily Beth Hart is still here with us. But my muffin isn’t.



.: Just some motion

I need to move more… so I took inspiration

unfortunately the outdoor pool is still closed…

anyway I made my swimming session indoor. Certo nuotare fuori è molto più bello, con il sole… ma ancora non fa abbastanza caldo. Il problema è che although I swim and swim… then I go to my mum at lunch and… she makes pasta al forno! mmmmhh….

e così tutti i miei sforzi sono vanificati.
Quindi ieri e oggi riso integrale con la zucca. Whole rice with pumpkin.
Evo oil (and a bit of butter if you like it)
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
A spoon of plum jam, if you like it

There are 2 ways of doing it. The right one and the quick one. Let’s see the right one.

Put the pumpkin in boiling water and cook it for 5 minutes or so. It must become soft, so that you can squash it with a fork. Take it out and re-use the boiling water: add some bouillon cube (or powder) to make it salted.

Mince the onion, and put it in the pan with oil (and butter), until it’s slightly browned.

Put the rice in the pan and toast it just for a minute, then add some boiling salted water with a ladle. You have to cook it for 10 minutes (or the cooking time for your rice) like this, adding the water gradually.

When you are in the middle of the rice cooking time, you can add the pumpkin and squash it with a fork or a wooden spoon. Mix all together and continue to cook like that.

Then add the plum, if you like it and continue to cook.


In the end you add the Parmigiano-Reggiano and it’s done.


The final dish is like this

And this is the quick one


In this case I cook the pumpkin as before.

Then I put the rice in the salted water and simply let it cook in the water for approx. 9 minutes.

In the pan I brown the onion and put the boiled pumpkin, and I squash it. I add the plum jam.

When the rice is done, I put it in the pan with the pumpkin, mix all together and finish the cooking.

Finally I add the Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Not so different, but a little quicker to do.