.: What is crema

I like breakfast with some cream. Well.. in my case it’s just foam in the milk… but it’s ok.

Anyway… I love to see when people from the Anglosaxon Galaxy try to understand the mysteries of the Italian planet…

Simply put, it is the thin layer of cream-like foam at the top of a cup of espresso, formed during the process of an espresso extraction. This foam, or froth, when done right, is usually a red-golden color, and accompanies the espresso into the cup as the shot is pulled, and sits temporarily on the top.

crema on espresso

Maybe some of you are having their cup of espresso without even noticing whether there is a crema on top of it or not, but for the professional baristas out there, it’s sure to be a big consideration in their preparation of espresso.

When serving espresso, a good barista can determine the quality of the espresso just by taking a close look at the crema that sits on the top.

To provide a slightly more technical definition, crema consists of gas bubbles suspended in a liquid film which has high “surface tension” between the water molecules.



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