.: Dead already

Nobody knows when it’s time to go. I mean to go, forever. Nessuno lo sa. E’ la cosa più importante, eppure evitiamo di pensarci. We don’t know and we don’t want to think about it. Why ? Forse perchè ci ferisce più di tutto. Eppure dovrebbe essere quello che più ci fa vivere ogni momento. It’s hurting, but it should be what makes us alive more than anything else.

The simplest thing. We avoid it. Just because we think of it in a negative way. Be’ in effetti è difficile pensare alla morte in “positivo”. Eppure dovremmo. It should always remind us that we are here to live for the time we have. And we don’t know how long. A minute, an hour, 70 years… in the end it’s not how long which makes the difference. It’s how.

So let’s make the simplest thing.

Tomato sauce. Onion, oil and basil.



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