.: Wicked game

I didn’t know James Vincent McMorrow version of Wicked game had been used in a trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones. I loved the song before this happened.
And I didn’t know I could make meatballs without meat. But I made them. With zucchine. Love them.

Parmigiano Reggiano
Pangrattato – grated bread
Uovo -egg
Noce moscata – nutmeg
Granella di noci – walnut crumb

Grate your zucchini

mince your walnut

Add nutmeg (and a bit of pepper if you like)

and everything else… and make the “meatballs”

fry them carefully. Don’t do like me, I always cook things too much

It’s my wicked game


.: Strawberry beret

Would you believe having strawberries and pears at the same time growing ? Well… people nowadays don’t even know which season things grow. They “grow” all the time in the supermarkets! But hey, this is not common! Know it please !

it’s my daddy’s miracles: autumn strawberries and lovely pears altogether. I have to honour this. Non avrei mai pensato di raccogliere fragole in Ottobre. Spettacolo!

The rain sounds so cool when it hits the barn roof
And the horses wonder who you are
Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees
You feel like a movie star

– Prince


:. It’s a jungle out there

It’s a jungle out there
Disorder and confusion everywhere
No one seems to care
Well I do
Hey, who’s in charge here?
It’s a jungle out there
Poison in the very air we breathe
Do you know what’s in the water that you drink?
Well I do, and it’s amazing
People think I’m crazy, ‘cause I worry all the time
If you paid attention, you’d be worried too
You better pay attention
Or this world we love so much might just kill you
I could be wrong now, but I don’t think so!
‘Cause there’s a jungle out there.
It’s a jungle out there.

– Randy Newman

are you obsessed with something ? I am.

Can’t eat pizza in random slices… I must cut it in 4 again, then in 4, then I cut the central part, and then I cut again, until I get small pieces that I can eat without using any more cutlery.

And I like to keep my kitchen orderly and clean even while I’m cooking. Am I obsessive ? Or just tidy ? Who can say where one thing stops and the other starts… but I know that my pizza is lovely, and lately I love it with some more cheese on it. Pizza ai due formaggi, con aggiunta di emmenthal o di asiago, o di entrambi.

Che ne dite ? Troppo formaggio ?

A me sembra perfetta…

Un po’ come Monk 😀