.: Hungry mouth

I thought I could show you my tooth after they pulled it out… but it would be so creepy. Then I thought I could show you the mascarpone cheese with honey and cocoa I ate yesterday. It was good, but not nice to show.

So I waited until I could finally eat something nice: gnocchi di patate. Potato gnocchi.

I’ve been starving for 2 days… didn’t think I would miss pasta and bread so much for just 2 days. But I did. And I still have to eat only soft things… so… I saw them at the market and I thought I couldn’t miss them.

Ok this time I bought them done. But the recipe is really simple:

100 gr farina – flour
300 gr patate – potatoes
1 uovo – 1 egg

Peal the potatoes and cook them in water until they’re soft. It can take 30 minutes if you don’t cut them in pieces.
Smash them and mix with the flour and the (beaten) egg.
Don’t knead it too much, otherwise they’ll become hard. Let it soft.
Then make some pipes and cut off pieces: here are your gnocchi.
You can cook them in salted water: they’ll be ready in 30 seconds. When they are floating, it’s done.
Just add some tomatoes sauce and oil, and they’ll be perfect.

Perfect and missed like Patrick Swayze.


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