.: Teyata bekanze and gnocchi

When you need peace and tranquillity, you may have soft gnocchi. Gli gnocchi sono davvero un cibo adorabile… morbidi e saporiti anche con un sugo semplice semplice di pomodoro e olio. I know I already told you about them, but I really got in love with Maffei’s tenerotti, and the proof is that I had them two more times.

Also because they have Minions on their package… and I really love Minions.

Minions can make you smile even when you feel sad.

And if you need some soothing music, my advice is Teyata Mantra.
With rain sound in the background…

or from the lovely voice of Deva Premal

Teyata om bekanze bekanze
Maha bekanze
Radza samudgate soha


It is like this.
Medicine Buddha, you are the King,
the Supreme Healer.
Please remove illness, illness and the
great Illness. Now I offer this prayer.