.: Bicycle ham

It was about 1 pm and I was somehow hungry, but I was not sure: have something or go home ? I was about 1 hour from home… it was a nice sunny day and I was in front of La bicicletta. I decided to stay for a bite.

What are you getting when you ask for “a toast” in Italy ? The regular “toast” is made with two simple toasted bread slices with some cheese and ham. But what kind of ham ?
Ok it’s hard to translate what we call prosciutto cotto, but I think you’ll understand if I say cooked ham.
Anyway, this is what you usually get for a regular italian “toast”.

At La bicicletta, though, they are pride to have special kind of things. I just asked for “a toast” and they served me a toast with some sweet Parma ham, which is what we call prosciutto di Parma. It is a special kind of sweet ham or prosciutto crudo dolce

I am sorry but I didn’t take a picture for I didn’t know it would deserve it so much. But believe me: it was really good. Haven’t had some such good prosciutto in a very long time.
And the coffee was very good too.

I rode my bycicle and the choice was right.

.: Yalla yalla

My friend is going back home, and I’m sad. I’m sad and she’s sad, but there’s nothing we can do. So we stayed together yesterday. We had tea and we talked. She’s a really sweet girl and I would want her to stay. Once again she was so sweet and she cooked her couscous for me.

I loved it. Proprio non capisco chi pensa che tutte le persone nate in uno stesso posto siano uguali. Chi fa gerarchie geografiche, classifiche di esseri umani migliori o peggiori. Detesto sinceramente questa ossessione a testa bassa contro “gli stranieri”, come se si potesse già sapere tutto di una persona ancor prima di conoscerla. Sono triste perché avevo trovato un’amica e ora deve lasciare l’Italia. Forse un giorno ci rivedremo. I hope so. Hope we’ll see again some day.

Sure we all can be friends in food. And in music too.