.: Bicycle ham

It was about 1 pm and I was somehow hungry, but I was not sure: have something or go home ? I was about 1 hour from home… it was a nice sunny day and I was in front of La bicicletta. I decided to stay for a bite.

What are you getting when you ask for “a toast” in Italy ? The regular “toast” is made with two simple toasted bread slices with some cheese and ham. But what kind of ham ?
Ok it’s hard to translate what we call prosciutto cotto, but I think you’ll understand if I say cooked ham.
Anyway, this is what you usually get for a regular italian “toast”.

At La bicicletta, though, they are pride to have special kind of things. I just asked for “a toast” and they served me a toast with some sweet Parma ham, which is what we call prosciutto di Parma. It is a special kind of sweet ham or prosciutto crudo dolce

I am sorry but I didn’t take a picture for I didn’t know it would deserve it so much. But believe me: it was really good. Haven’t had some such good prosciutto in a very long time.
And the coffee was very good too.

I rode my bycicle and the choice was right.


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