.: Don’t make me wait

Thought of the night: mix, mix, mixing it’s good ! Black and white, vanilla and chocolate, sweet and bitter. Yes. The recipe is simple, the dessert is classic, the result is great.

Just for those who don’t like to search the blog I’ll write it down again:

200+ gr flour – farina
100 gr sugar – zucchero
baking powder with vanilla
90 gr butter – burro
1 egg – uovo
cocoa powder (optional) cacao in polvere
And this time I decided to add cocoa powder. Mmmmm

You will need some more flour to reach the right texture.

Than you need some nice cutters or you can make them round with just a glass.

But I love them with the heart shape !

It’s a bit more difficult to cook them when they’re brown, because you can’t see them changing color. Quindi fate attenzione, quando li fate al cacao: non potete vedere quando cambiano colore e dovete essere sicuri di come cuoce il vostro forno. Nel mio bastano 15 minuti a circa 170°C. Poi li lascio ancora 3 o 4 minuti a forno spento.

In my oven 15 minute at 170°C are ok. Then I leave them 3 or 4 minutes in with the temperature off.

An here is how they come out.

Well… I like to show them on the stage with their white friends

They’re really beautiful and good. Sono più belli di due colori, vero ?

Now go and make them yourself. Your breakfast will be sweet and your day will be better

Don’t make me wait 🙂


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