.: Dead can dance

“Anastasis” (2012) is the eighth studio album by the band Dead can dance. “Anastasis” is the Greek word for “resurrection”.

Gerrard said that “The idea of a resurrection is really about life forms and life cycles. We’ve used the dormant sunflowers on the cover to depict those dormancies. The sunflowers seem to die, but they don’t actually die. They sleep. It’s really about the human condition.”

He also said that the two of them are connected through Greek and Mediterranean music.

So I thought that the perfect food-metaphor for this music is pizza. Pizza is a thoroughly mediterranean food, and whatever you put on it, vegetable or animal, makes you think of resurrection or transubstantiation or reincarnation. That ham on my pizza was a living animal. A living being which I fully respect. I know it was sacrificed for me to eat it, but it’s going to transform into me, as I will, one day, dissolve and transform into something else.

It might seem a weird and macabre idea, but this is life. Every living thing can be food for something or someone else. We are drinking just the same molecules of water that have been around since billions of years. Some molecules have been in the ocean, others have been on the mountains, some come from the clouds, others have been in the rivers, in the soil, inside plants, trees or… other beings.
Dead can dance, because they are everywhere. Their molecules become part of new living beings… and the dance never ends.
Feel connected. Feel like a pizza.


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