.: Chocolat

I can’t stop eating chocolate. And there is always chocolate in my fridge. Is there a chemical reason for this ? Yes.

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Current Biology, eating chocolate can be compared to consuming opium, or for that matter, perhaps heroin. As reported by LiveScience, chocolate stimulates a peptide called “enkephalin” that activates cerebral opioid receptors. Enkephalin is a “relative” to endorphin. One difference is that enkaphalin is a natural opioid, a drug-like chemical produced in and by the brain that binds to the same receptors as many anaesthetic or psychoactive drugs.


But hey, I prefer dark chocolate, and it seems that dark chocolate truly has some positive effects.

I have tried different types of dark chocolate. All of them with above 70% cocoa. Flavoured dark chocolate is also nice, but my favourite is simple dark one.

Competitors are:

Lindt Excellence 99%
Nero Nero Novi 99%
Nero Nero Novi 88%
Nero Perugina 85%
Nero Novi Orange 70%
Nero Novi Mint 70%

And the winner is…..

I really love Nero Nero Novi 88%. I already made this competition, but my taste hasn’t changed… but I discovered something new… as to music ! Enjoy 🙂


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