.: Le début du bonheur

Sometimes I think that happiness really is in very very small things. Small moments. Small feelings. A memory, a gaze, a thought, a note.

This piece only lasts 107 seconds. And has come to me through a tv spot. I hate commercials, but sometimes… among them, something beautiful pops out. This is the case. You won’t even find Daprisnki in Wikipedia. Don’t know how this is possible. Maybe can’t contain this beauty. This music carves my mind… takes me to sweet memories… and, of course, some sweet moments are around a table with sweet company and delicious food.

I was in a restaurant by the sea. It was a beautiful summer night. And I’ll keep that memory with me, forever. A small piece of happiness.

.: Cat’s in the cradle

It’s snack time!

Sometimes when I come home in the afternoon, my neighbour’s cat is waiting for me. He can communicate very well, and with his “meow” he lets me know he wants to get in. So I steal some cuddles from him and open the door. Mi piace davvero questo micio, che mi aspetta per farsi aprire la porta. Io gli rubo un po’ di coccole e in cambio lo faccio entrare.

I love small things like this. And I love cats. And I also love cakes and all the carbohydrates… so I decided to make an experiment with a recipe I found.

100 gr quinoa
30 gr butter – burro
milk – latte (approx 100 ml)
50 gr sugar – zucchero
1 egg – 1 uovo
Baking powder – lievito per dolci

And, there is a topping to make. So you need some marmalade, I suggest plums but you can choose according to your taste. Fornitevi anche di marmellata, per guarnire. Io ho usato una marmellata di prugne fatta dalla mia mamma 😀

Actually I have quinoa with bulgur, but it’s ok.

Put the quinoa in the milk and cook, with the butter, for about 20 minutes. Add the lemon skin (grated) or a bit of juice.

Let it get cold. Add the sugar, the baking powder and the yolk.

In the end add the whipped egg white.

It was meant for a cake (with a triple dose), but I decided to make it in the shape of muffins.

Cook in the oven at 170°C for about 40 minutes. Check with a toothpick before taking them out.

In the end dilute some marmalade in water, on low fire, and put it on top of the baked part.

Cuoci la quinoa con latte e burro per 20 minuti, finchè si assorbe il liquido. Aggiungi la scorza di limone grattugiata e se vuoi un po’ di succo. Lascia raffreddare. Aggiungi il tuorlo, lo zucchero e il lievito. Infine il bianco montato a neve. Cuoci per circa 40 minuti a 170 °C. Controllate la cottura con uno stuzzicadente, prima di tirarli fuori. Per guarnire: stemperare un po’ di marmellata con poca acqua a fuoco basso e metterla sopra.

E poi mangiateli con qualcuno che amate: saranno più croccanti 😉

Don’t let time go bye… cook for someone you love 😉

Johnny Cash also made a cover of this song, maybe ‘cause it resonates with his typical mood… regret for love

.: Here I go again

Some pretty ordinary italian courses maybe unknown outside Italy. Risotto must be one of these. Some months ago I was watching an episode of Masterchef Australia: they were at ALMA, the main Italian International Chef Academy, and were asked to cook a famous risotto by Gualtiero Marchesi (the founder). I couldn’t watch: they didn’t know the basics for a risotto. Some even burnt the rice…

Well I will never be a chef, but I can cook a common white risotto and tell you how to do it.

rice -riso
butter – burro
evo oil – olio evo
onion – cipolla
broth – brodo
grated cheese – parmigiano grattuggiato

Warm the broth. Put a little butter and oil in a pan. Mince the onion and brown it slightly (very slightly!). Then put the rice in the pan and brown it too, very very little (less that 30 seconds), then start adding some broth and keep on blending. You have to add a little broth and let it evaporate, then add some more.. and so on, until the rice is done (according to the time written on your rice pack). My whole rice is done in 10 minutes. In the end you add the grated cheese and blend it. You can also add some more cheese, if you like it, but it’s optional. Asiago would do, or Taleggio.

And another “classic” is cotoletta or cutlet. It is just a slice of chicken plunged in a (beaten) egg, then wrapped in grated bread and fried in oil. You can mix the exceeding egg with some parmersan cheese and the rest of the grated bread, and make a small omelette.

Here I go again. Just an ordinary day menu in Italy. But, as I discovered, it might be extraordinary for and Australian 😀

.: Time is the enemy

Next saturday we’re going to lose 1 hour. And it’s been 100 years of this madness. I know, daylight saving time helps saving energy (the actual effect on overall energy use is heavily disputed)… but I must confess I really hate it.  Anybody in the world ever thought we could change our schedule for daily activities, instead of changing time ?

Anyway, all I want to tell is I can’t start the day without breakfast and this is a good habit. I only wish they didn’t stole my time, anymore.

Preferisco lavorare la sera e dormire la mattina. Lo ammetto. Ma che ci posso fare se il mio “fuso orario interno” o qualsiasi cosa sia, mi fa stare meglio la sera ? Io odio alzarmi presto! Possibile che invece tutto il mondo abbia stabilito che ci si debba alzare all’alba per fare qualsiasi cosa ? Lo detesto.