.: (We’re all) wayfaring strangers

Roaming, rambling, trembling… sometimes we don’t know very well where we’re going but we keep on going. A volte vaghiamo, non sappiamo bene dove siamo diretti… ma non possiamo fermarci.

Mele e maiale. Vi sembra strano ? Sì, anche a me. Però m’è piaciuto. L’unico difetto è che il maiale che avevo in casa non era un taglio abbastanza morbido. Ma voi ora lo sapete e potete rimediare. Comunque guardate questa mela impastellata e fritta:

Look at this battered piece of apple:

non è tenera ??? Ain’t it lovey-dovey ?

Ok, stasera non so cosa m’è preso, ma ho impastellato tutto. E addio colesterolo. Forget the diet and fry. You’ll be happy tonight.

I took the pork meat and cut it in pieces

then you make the batter: flour, water and a bit of sunflower oil. You coat the meat and fry it.

then you cut the apple in pieces

and batter the apple too

when you’ll have fried everything your kitchen will be a mess, but you will like the taste

You can eat them together or…. just make the battered apple piece: I really think they’re great just for themselves


.: Present past

Something old, something new, everything always changing… I created tagliatelle with salmon, potatoes, ginger and cinnamon. Sounds weird ? Well, tastes good. Ok tagliatelle salmone, patate, zenzero e cannella sembrano strane, ma effettivamente è un buon mix.

We all have our “time of the heart”, our Dreamtime, the years when we were powerful, we were full of hopes and dreams, full of passion and energy, the time when we felt invincible and immortal. So when I want to feel good I visit those days, between 80s and 90s… and make past present, in a jump!

Let’s jump in the kitchen then.

I will not tell you to make tagliatelle or fettuccine, just buy them and cook them in  salted water as usual. This is the “old” part. The new one starts with potatoes: cut them in cubes and boil ‘em in water for 3-4 minutes. Bollite le patate a cubetti per renderle morbide.

Then put potatoes in a pan with some oil, rosmary, ginger and cinnamon, and brown them for 5 to 10 minutes. Saltate le patate in padella con olio, zenzero, cannella e rosmarino per 5-10 minuti.

Then add the salmon and just brown it very slightly. In the end add the tagliatelle and let them take the taste of the dressing for a minute in the pan. You can serve.

Aggiungete il salmone e scottatelo leggermente, infine saltate le tagliatelle nel condimento et c’est fini.

and ask yourself: why can’t this be love ?

it can ! Look again

.: Smells like teen spirit

I don’t talk to my coffeepot, but I’m sure I can make a better coffee than Mr. Cumberbatch can probably do. He might make a perfect tea. Maybe. But sure it’s too hot.

In 1997 I was in San Francisco, in a hotel on Market Street and asked for a cappuccino for breakfast. And I remember they couldn’t do a good one. I couldn’t explain it to myself. Making a coffee seems something easy and natural for us in Italy. Ok, today we have capsules and machines that can do everything for you, but what about a manual thing ? So I’ll show you the “mistery” of coffee making. Not a real espresso, but just a homemade coffee with my simple coffee maker.

First: water must be filled to the right level, just below the safety valve.

Then pour the coffee powder in the filter cup. I prefer 100% arabica taste, but you can choose your blend.

you can press it or not, that’s up to your taste. I prefer not to press it too much.

As you can see, I use decaffeinated powder, but that’s just me. I don’t like to have too much caffeine. Anyway, it’s done. You close the pot and fire.

I have an electric one, so I don’t have to watch for it, but the regular one, on the burner, doesn’t make any difference… you just have to be more careful and listen for the coffee to spring. When it starts to gurgle you have to switch it off, otherwise you’ll burn it.

Then I make foam in my milk with a funny device I found in a chinese shop and than I try to draw things in the foam

and it smells like morning spirit