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Risotto time. Pumpkin, (plums) marmalade and cheese. Zucca, marmellata di prugne e parmigiano.

Etta James & B. B. King are like two great ingredients for a wonderful tasty bittersweet course. So please, enjoy this song and cook this risotto. They both give me the right vibe for a good day…hey it’s sunny here today !

Risotto con la zucca ! E vai ! Risotto with pumpkin, cheese and (plums) marmalade. Believe me you’ll love it. Pumpkin+marmalade+cheese is a typical taste of my place.. and reminds me so much of my lovely granny. So come on, take the pumpkin: I use the one I freezed from my father’s garden

Boil it ‘til it’s soft and you can squeeze it. Then take an onion and mince it

you’ll brown it in a pan with some oil. Then prepare grated parmigiano-reggiano (or whatever hard cheese you like) and rice

The long version is that you put the rice in the pan, have it browned with the onion and cook it slowly adding some broth.

The short version is you boil the rice in the broth, then you takeit 2 minutes before the end-time and put it in the pan with the brown onion.

Then you add the pumkin. Blend it well. Add the plum, blend some more and in the end, add the cheese and blend again.