.: Close to my fire

E’ stata una giornata un po’ pesante. A busy day… and I’m tired. So when you want to cook something easy quick and tasty, you have two choices: either an omelette with extra cheese, or some lemon and ginger chicken.

Ok, you already know both, but this is a suggestion for an easy dinner when you’re tired. I have recently talked about my ginger & lemon chicken, but I will remind you what it’s all about: you just put the chicken pieces in a pan with oil, lemon and ginger, and fry them. I also added some rosemary this time.

Another very quick recipe is omelette. You mix an egg with grated cheese and grated bread, plus you add some pieces of your favourite cheese. I added some Asiago. It looks like a simple omelette

ma quando la tagliate… but when you cut it…

you find a soft heart

This is what you can do… close to your fire