.: Destiny

Ready for a soft, white food and a “hard, dark” thought ?

The free will theorem of John H. Conway and Simon B. Kochen states that if we have a free will in the sense that our choices are not a function of the past, then, subject to certain assumptions, so must some elementary particles.

Well… looking at the double-slit experiment, actually makes you think particles might have free will. In fact quantum mechanics seems to violate locality.

On the others side…  (human side)

Free will might be an illusion created by our brains, scientists might have proved.

Humans are convinced that they make conscious choices as they live their lives. But instead it may be that the brain just convinces itself that it made a free choice from the available options after the decision is made.

In sostanza, ci sembra che le particelle possano avere un loro “libero arbitrio”, mentre quello degli umani potrebbe essere un’illusione.

Entanglement. Coinvolgimento. Legame. Forse tutto nell’universo è un misto di interazione e casualità, di destino e di scelta. Maybe everything in the universe is a mixture of interaction and randomness, destiny and choice, order and chaos.

Must be for that we have such different ideas, and we can change our mind, and we can love what was before hated or neglected, and we can neglect or forget what was before so beloved. Must be for that we can like such different things, and songs, and places, and people.

We’re like particles in a river. Like particles in a huge universe. Like humans.

So let’s establish some presupposition, so that I can influence your will and destiny 😀

Take some potato-gnocchi and cut some cheese you love in small pieces. I took Asiago, but you can use Mozzarella, Taleggio or whatever. Gnocchi o gnocchetti di patate e i vostri formaggi preferiti. And some parmigiano-Reggiano too, of course. Because it’s made in my land.

Then I warmed some oil and a bit of nutmeg in a pan, and melted half of the cheese, with the fire off.

Cook gnocchi in salted water, as soon as they come up floating, put them in the pan and add the rest of the cheese

Blend and serve. Optional: you can grill them in the oven at 180°C just for a few minutes. But today I did not. Se poi volete fare una cosa ancora più deliziosa, dovete metterli nel forno già caldo a 180°C e gli date una grigliatina sopra. Io avevo fame e fretta e quindi per oggi niente grigliatina 😀

Ora potete cucinare il vostro destino: gnocchi ai formaggi. Now you can cook your destiny: gnocchi and cheeses.

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