.: New is the oldest thing in the world

90% of products on market shelves bring “new” on their labels, just as if being “new” meant being “better”. Ever thought of it ? Non è che necessariamente “nuovo” possa significare “migliore”, eppure tantissimi prodotti riportano la scritta “nuovo”, perchè è un’attraente parolina magica. Subtitle: it’s old? Throw it away and buy a new one!

More: when I was a kid you would not find a “best-before” date on products. Human beings were still supposed to be able to understand and judge when a food could still be eaten and when not. Weird uh ? Non so da quando esistano le date di scadenza, ma quando ero piccola, non esistevano, e si supponeva che qualsiasi persona fosse in grado di giudicare se un cibo fosse ancora commestibile o no. Incredibile eh?

Well, if you’re young you’ll probably be amazed to see the label on my marmalade. Quindi non stupitevi se l’etichetta della marmellata dice 2010: è fatta in casa, e se la tenete al fresco, e ben sigillata, può durare molto tempo. E questa è ancora buona.

This label was made by my mommy and it means that her jam is 8 years old. But hey, there’s a lot of sugar inside marmalades and if you have sealed them properly, you can preserve them for long, in a fresh place, like a fridge. Or a real cellar. And my dad has a real fresh cellar, where he also keeps honey jars. Happy b-day dad!

Ok, not all the marmalade-games turn out well, but the taste is still good, for a great breakfast.

On April 4th, 1978 in Italy started a new (?!) era of cartoons: on the national 2nd channel (Rete 2) appeared a japanese cartoon. Ufo Robot Goldrake (ボグレンダイザーToei Animation). I loved it.

Some families were dazzled and disturbed. The writer Rodari said it was like a modern Hercules, a different style of evergreen tales. He could see the old behind the new.


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