.: Sweet emotions

This is just a post to make you a gift, other than my dessert (yes I eat it little by little). Siccome non posso farvi assaggiare il mio dolce (eh sì…  lo mangio piano piano)

Vorrei regalarvi un bel video degli Aerosmith del ’75, yes it’s a video of Aerosmith from ’75 and it’s fun

And I also want to give you some emoticons which I find sooooo cute

a me piacciono tantissimo, quindi vi dico dove potete trovarle. You will find them at the website of Qoobee Agapi, just clic on the next image

.: Mushroom Blues

Do you want to cook a risotto ai funghi ? Mushrooms can be good with risotto.

really good and delicate

Don’t ask me why I’m combining Motörhead with mushrooms, Maybe for Lemmy Kilmister was born in the West Midlands,a place that makes me think of forests and mushrooms ? I don’t know. But I imagine they go along well. Can anyone from there tell me more ?

So take:

an onion – una cipolla
some butter – burro
rice – riso
mushrooms (I like porcini) – funghi
cheese – Asiago and Parmigiano for me

and go. If you have dried mushrooms, you must put them in the water for a while and soften them. Ammollate i funghi nell’acqua tiepida.

In the meanwhile make the usual soutéed with butter and onion. And I want to show you my servings are very small. I suggest to make small servings. You don’t need to eat a lot when you spend most of your day sitting in a chair. Fate un soffritto e preparate il riso. Io consiglio sempre porzioni piccole… visto che non si lavora nei campi…

Ok then you have to mince the mushrooms and prepare the cheese. A me i funghi piacciono tagliati fini, ma voi fate come volete. Preparate anche il formaggio o i formaggi che vi piacciono.

Then cook the rice in the usual way: put it in the pan with the onion and add some broth to cook it slowly. When the rice is half cooked, add the mushrooms. Solita cottura lenta e a metà cottura del riso, aggiungete i funghi.

In the end add the cheese(s) and you are finished. Infine il formaggio.

I love it.

And now I can wash my Toad with his friend Yoshi

.: Kurt or wise

It seems that Kurt is a pet form of the Germanic Konrad, a derived from the Old High German Kuonrat (wise counsel), a compound name composed of the elements kuon (bold, wise) and rat (counsel).

It seems that Kurt Cobain wasn’t what we would call a wise person. And he died young on April 5th 1994. Surely he was an artist, as he created art. And art is by its nature something controversial, multifaceted, polysemous.

L’arte è per sua natura polisemica e controversa. E’ la molteplicità dei significati che trasmette che provoca in noi quello stupore e quelle sensazioni contraddittorie che ci fanno riflettere e ci permettono di giocare con la realtà.

Though your mother taught you “don’t play with food”, maybe we should play with it, instead.

“Non giocare col cibo” ci insegnano da piccoli. Ma perché no ? Dipende da come ci si gioca…

I think we should play more, instead. Imagination is a human power and something that, most times, helps us living better and be happier. Why not using it ?

Goodbye Kurt. Hello Kurt.