.: Learn from (this) mistake

Pizza is a simple thing to do. In principle.

You just need flour, oil, water, salt and brewer’s yeast.
But you can make a lot of mistakes.
This evening my pizza was not as good as it could be, so I thought I would tell you about the mistakes you can do with pizza-making:

1. Brewer’s yeast. The fresh one is better than the dry one. In both cases you have to melt it very well in the water, otherwise the dough might not rise properly. Also add a little bit of sugar. Amount should be 0,2% of flour, i.e. 200 gr flour => 200/100 *2 = 4 gr

2. Water. The rule is approx 70% of flour, i.e. 200 gr flour => 200/100 *70 = 140 gr or 140 ml. The dough should be soft

3. Salt. The rule is 2,5% of flour, i.e. 200 gr flour => 200/100 *2,5 = 5 gr

4. Rising. You should let it rise at least for 2 hour. 3 are better. It should at least double it’s volume. So start to do it only when you know there is enough time. And: you have to put it in some slightly warm place, like your oven turned off, but with the inner light on.

5. Mix tomato and oil before you spread it on the dough. Otherwise oil can stand only in certain parts and it won’t be nice.

6. Cook it in 2 times. Why ? Because Mozzarella is a watery cheese (and easily burns). 1st time: you put tomato on and cook it for about 20 minutes. 2nd time: you take it out, put mozzarella (and other toppings) on it and finish cooking until the mozzarella is ok.

7. Don’t exaggerate with toppings. The best pizza is margherita, which means only tomato, mozzarella and oregano. One more ingredient is ok, like another cheese or ham or sausage or tuna etc. Two more ingredients can go. Three are too much. Ok: it’s your taste, but this is my opinion. The more you add, the more difficult the cooking will be .

Maybe it looks good, but it’s not as it should be.

So try and learn from mistakes.

.: Discovering old new

You probably have heard these songs, but you might not know they’re by the Zeppelin. They come from a Deluxe edition bonus disc for a 2015 reissue of “Presence” (1976):

“10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod”

“Two Ones Are Won”

And you probably have already seen my recipe for biscuits, ah ah… ok it’s not the same thing, I know, but I need to make biscuits today….. so this is it.

Recipe is known:

200 gr flour – farina
100 gr sugar – zucchero
90 gr butter (sweet) – burro
baking powder – lievito vanigliato
1 egg – 1 uovo
optional: cinnamon – cannella
Oven 170°C for 15 minutes – Forno 170°C per 15 minuti

sciogliete il burro – melt the butter

montate il bianco a neve, poi mischiate con tuorlo e zucchero, e aggiungete il burro – whip the eggwhite then mix with the yolk, the sugar; add the melted butter

poi la farina e il lievito – add flour and baking powder

stendete e fate le forme, mettete su una teglia – lay the dough, make the shapes, put on the tray. Yes they’re my new cutters ! 😀

in forno e… voilà – in the oven and… done.

Now… a little bit of show

It will be a nice breakfast tomorrow, with my old-new biscuits

.: Nothing else matters #2

Life can be tough sometimes. What does really matter then ? Money? Friends? Love? Cosa conta davvero quando la vita ti dà addosso ? Of course material things are important, but if you can’t see their value, things may not help. Famous suicidals tell us. People who had fame, money and all sort of things were not happy anyway. Devo ricordarvi qualche nome di gente famosa afflitta da depressioni devastanti ? Non credo. Quindi, avere soldi, cose, un lavoro fantastico, può non bastare. What really matters, I think, it’s presence. What do I mean by “presence” ? Something not listed in the “Presence” page of wikipedia. No, not even the Presence album by Led Zeppelin 😀

Presence is the ability to live in the present moment. The ability to set your mind on the here and now. Io chiamo “presenza” la capacità di mantenere l’attenzione nel momento presente. Spesso la nostra mente si allontana dal “qui e ora”. Our mind can wander, in the past or in an imaginary future. But most times it is an unuseful effort. E’inutile vagare con la mente nel passato o immaginare un futuro che nessuno conosce. La cosa non fa altro che portarci via da noi stessi (e da chi ci vuole bene). Non sto dicendo che non sia utile riflettere sulle esperienze passate o pianificare il futuro. I’m not saying reflecting upon past experiences or planning for the future is a bad thing. I’m saying it’s important to be centered in the only time-place which is real: now. Seems easy, but most people can’t do it (or could but don’t). Depression or other such problems, imho, come just from the inability to mantain presence. Your mind wanders too much and you get prisoner of such fancy thoughts, as if they were real. But they’re not. Se si lascia libero il cervello di costruire labirinti di pensieri, si rischia di restarne prigionieri e di non vedere la realtà che ci sta intorno. Presence also includes a sense of equilibrium. The ability to see the good things in our life and the possibilities to reach good goals. La presenza include anche quell’equilibrio che permette di essere ottimisti e realisti circa il buono che c’è nella propria vita e le possibilità di raggiungere degli obiettivi. Con costanza.
Losing your job, losing money, losing friends, getting sick or being disable can be hard things to face, but if you have presence, if you love yourself and life itself, you can overcome most problems. And nothing else matters. I think.

So remember: you can cook. The only thing you need is presence and…

… pasta, ham, cheese, onion, evo oil and patience 🙂

Cook pasta in the salted water. make an onion sautéed. Put the boiled pasta in the sautéed, add ham and make cheese melt. Easy uh ?

Buon appetito ! Cosa ? Volete anche il dopo pranzo ? You want something for relaxing after lunch ? Ok.

Amélie Nothomb

Metafisica dei tubi – Métaphysique des tubesThe character of Rain

Just to remind you when you were gods.

.: Bottom up

hello, I’ve had a couple of hard days of work, so today I really need a lot of carbohydrates! So don’t blame me for this

and for you a nice intro and a song, full of energy, to put your sunday bottom up.

Se anche voi avete bisogno di una colazione extra lusso… concedetevela. Infondo è domenica. Io ho avuto due giorni di lavoro un po’ folle… quindi, carboidrati a palla ! Tiramisù, caffèlatte col miele e brioche con la marmellata e le mandorle, uè !