.: Discovering old new

You probably have heard these songs, but you might not know they’re by the Zeppelin. They come from a Deluxe edition bonus disc for a 2015 reissue of “Presence” (1976):

“10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod”

“Two Ones Are Won”

And you probably have already seen my recipe for biscuits, ah ah… ok it’s not the same thing, I know, but I need to make biscuits today….. so this is it.

Recipe is known:

200 gr flour – farina
100 gr sugar – zucchero
90 gr butter (sweet) – burro
baking powder – lievito vanigliato
1 egg – 1 uovo
optional: cinnamon – cannella
Oven 170°C for 15 minutes – Forno 170°C per 15 minuti

sciogliete il burro – melt the butter

montate il bianco a neve, poi mischiate con tuorlo e zucchero, e aggiungete il burro – whip the eggwhite then mix with the yolk, the sugar; add the melted butter

poi la farina e il lievito – add flour and baking powder

stendete e fate le forme, mettete su una teglia – lay the dough, make the shapes, put on the tray. Yes they’re my new cutters ! 😀

in forno e… voilà – in the oven and… done.

Now… a little bit of show

It will be a nice breakfast tomorrow, with my old-new biscuits

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