.: Upside down

We have to experiment, don’t be afraid of trying new combinations. How does that look ?

Ok, but not all you try turns out good or non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco. I mean this chicken-ginger-nutmeg-zucchini-onion-almonds is ok, but something could be replaced and something could be better done. For example: I shouldn’t have started with onion

This is what I did, which means the order I put ingredients in the pan throughout the cooking: [questo è l’ordine in cui ho messo gli ingredienti in padella]

1. evo oil – olio evo
2. onion – cipolla
3. ginger – zenzero
4. nutmeg – noce moscata
5. zucchini – zucchine
6. chicken – pollo
7. almonds – mandorle
8. salt – sale

Problems: onion got burnt and zucchini was not the best combination of taste. [La cipolla si è fritta un po’ troppo – anche se a me piace – e le carote forse si sposerebbero meglio delle zucchine]

And this is what I should have done:

1. replace zucchini with carrots
2. evo oil – olio evo
3. ginger – zenzero
4. nutmeg – noce moscata
5. julienne carrots – carote alla julienne
6. chicken – pollo
7. onion – cipolla
8. almonds – mandorle
9. salt – sale

Ok now you know what to do. But as to me, for this evening I appreciated this, anyway.

But when you have two genius, “Upside down” is the chance for a successful improvisation (quality is bad, but performance is great!)

.: Mondo

Day around Modena…

Ho visto un posto che mi piace, si chiama Mondo
Ci cammino, lo respiro la mia vita è sempre intorno
Più la guardo, più la canto più la incontro
Più lei mi spinge a camminare come un gatto vagabondo
Ma questo è il posto che mi piace, si chiama Mondo

Today I met a relative I had not seen in decades and it was weird but nice. He’s a very kind person and we spent some time chatting in my favourite brasserie, La bicicletta. I really enjoyed seeing him after so long, and I hope we’ll see again.. in a shorter time! He couldn’t stay long and I had some errands to do, so we said bye and I had a fast lunch there, before running around the town. Sono rimasta un po’ a chiacchierare con questa persona che non vedevo da veramente tanto tempo e poi mi sono presa una piadina con prosciutto e fontina. Sembra una cosa semplice, ma qui gli ingredienti sono davvero di qualità e fanno la differenza. So here is the yummy piadina (baked ham and Fontina cheese) I took

They have a nice selection of wines, but I didn’t have any  ‘cause I was supposed to drive in the afternoon. Pity ! But I had an espresso, for some energy 🙂

Then I went to the beautiful Biblioteca Delfini, a magnificent library where lots of people spend hours enjoying reading, listening to music and watching movies. E’ una biblioteca veramente bellissima, contemporaneamente antica e modernissima. Se ci entri, non hai più voglia di andare via 🙂

On the way back (near the town theatre) you can find a statue portraying the famous tenor Pavarotti

you can walk under the portici of Via Emilia and look at the shop windows

and enjoy the extraordinary romanesque cathedral in the main square. Adoro il romanico, e il duomo di Modena è uno dei miei preferiti, insieme a quello di Parma, devo dire.

Ok your short Modena centre tour is over. It is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl