.: Love me two times

Sometimes you make a dish and something on the side, then you realize that you can mix all together and it would be great. A volte sembra un secondo e un contorno, ma poi ti rendi conto che se li metti insieme fanno una bella insalata di pollo. Peccato che siamo solo in Aprile perché credo sia un fantastico piatto estivo.

Pollo speziato in insalata con origano. Spieced chicken and oregano salad.

evo oil – olio evo
red onion (shallot) – scalogno
coriander – coriandolo
ginger – zenzero
nutmeg – noce moscata
oregano – origano
salt – sale
and obviously chicken – pollo

Put the spices in the pan with the oil and lightly warm the mixture. Mettete le spezie nell’olio in padella a fuoco basso.

Cut the chicken in small pieces and wet it with the lemon. Tagliate il pollo a pezzi piccoli e bagnatelo con il limone.

Then put the onion and the chicken in the pan and go on cooking. Add oregano and salt at the end. Mettete il pollo in padella con la cipolla, bagnate con altro limone e cuocete. Sale e origano alla fine.

If you have lettuce, you can make a hot-cold chicken salad.

Se avete della lattuga o altra insalata, questo pollo può anche essere mischiato all’insalata per fare un’insalata di pollo caldo-freddo.

Oh well… even one time would do. La primavera !!

.: Let the sunshine in

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”
― Oscar Wilde

So let’s see my artwork for today: yobimé = yogurt-biscotti-mele (yogurt-biscuits-apples)


120 gr flour (manitoba) – farina
30-40 gr butter – burro
80 gr vanilla yogurt – yogurt alla vaniglia
40 gr sugar – zucchero
1 apple – 1 mela
baking powder – lievito istantaneo per dolci
Oven time – Cottura: 180°C per 20-25 minuti
Preparation Time/Tempo: 20-30 minutes

First: chop the apple in small pieces. Fate la mela in piccoli pezzi. La verità è che avevo una mela che dovevo consumare, e mi sono inventata la ricetta 😀 Ma fidatevi: sono buonissimi.

Then melt the butter – sciogliete il burro – and blend everything, until it’s a soft-but-compact dough. – Mescolate tutto fino ad ottenere un impasto soffice ma consistente. Modellatelo con uno stampino. – Shape it with a small mould or whatever you like.

Maybe I should have closed them up over the apple pieces, but they come out good anyway. Potete richiuderli sopra le mele… a piacere

Prima di metterli in forno, mettete un fiocco di burro sopra ogni tortina. Put a flake of butter on each one before cooking.

Did you know that George Lucas refused to direct Hair ? And what about Madonna and Bruce Springsteen out of the casting ? Ok, it was 1979 and I guess it was a challenge for Forman, to make this movie, when the hippy spirit was already gone. But Hair remains a cult movie, and the main theme is also something everybody knows

..although we have to recall who was singing it in the musical:

you can serve tea or coffee and they’ll be perfect. Also for breakfast.

.: Lil’ mushroom

I funghetti trallallà. Ok seriously, I think there’s a problem with kids exhibiting. But, we love to see what kids can do. Really they are the most powerful form of human being, and it’s easy for them to get attention.

So, let’s forget our “ethical”overthinking and just enjoy mushrooms and…

Lil’ Mushroom

So this is boscaiola, a sauce with mushrooms, tomato and grated parmigiano-reggiano, on the usual sautéed of onion. Una boscaiola semplice: funghi, poco pomodoro e parmigiano grattugiato.

with bavette integrali. Love ‘em. Cut the mushrooms or chop them fine, as you like. I make almost a cream of them. Put them in the pan with the tomato and cook it all a little

then add the (cooked in salted water) pasta, and add the (grated) parmigiano-reggiano in the end

you can also take a look at the lil 5yo Tavaris

and have some more boscaiola

.: Crazy… for Miloš

Goodbye Miloš Forman. And thank you. Watching at Jack Nicholson we’ll always get moved and “think” !

I drink my cappuccino and think about how powerful this movie (and the novel by Ken Kesey) is

… and I also realize that some things have got better, somehow, even if, some days, we feel lost or blue about how things go.

Miloš Forman was born in Čáslav, Czechoslovakia in 1932. His parents died in Buchenwald and Auschwitz. Went to live with two uncles and family friends. At 11 he started to know and love the movies by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and John Ford. He later discovered that his biological father was another man. He was in fact a Jewish architect, Otto Kohn, a survivor of the Holocaust. None of the sad facts of his life prevented him to become a great artist and gift the world with his art. Someone wrote “stay hungry, stay foolish” (in 1971*, not in 2005!), I say “stay happy, stay crazy”, because there’s nothing else more important than to stay alive and being happy of being so.

You always always always (yes, always!) have to look at things from different points of view, to be sure you’re understanding them.

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”
― Oscar Wilde

*it was on the back cover of the 1971 edition of the Whole Earth Catalog.