.: Love recipe

Ok, this is not a “diet” dish, but! There are at least 2 positive points about it:
1. no salt. The (pork) sausage is tasty enough for itself, so that you won’t need any salt added
2. more potatoes = less meat. If you cut the potatoes in small pieces, you will feel like you are eating a lot, but you will eat just a small piece of meat. In my case the sausage was really small: 60 gr

So, the recipe is simple, but with a couple of tricks:
1. peel and cut the potatoes in small pieces
2. boil the potato cubes in hot water for 3-4 minutes
3. start to brown them in a pan with little oil
4. chop the meat in pieces
5. when potatoes are half cooked, turn them in a random way, add the meat in pieces and cook it all together

We should not love fried potatoes so much, but… what can we do ? we love them. And… I won’t explain you the meaning of the post title, ok ? 😀

1. pelate e tagliate le patate a cubi abbastanza piccoli
2. bollite le patate per 3-4 minuti
3. cominciate a friggere le patate in poco olio
4. tagliate la salsiccia a pezzi piccoli
5. quando le patata sono a metà cottura, giratele, aggiungete i pezzi di carne e finite la cottura

il bello è che non dovete aggiungere sale.

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