.: Black coffee

Well, actually I don’t like black coffee as much as I love dark chocolate, but I still like to play with coffee in the milk foam 😀

and I love Beth & Joe songs really much !

be’ non so cosa preferisco tra Beth e un tortino al cioccolato….

non credo riuscirete a capirlo guardando questo blog, perché è pieno di canzoni di Beth e di tortini al cioccolato 😀

.: Your heart is as black as night

I wanted to try again a version of Brenda’s Ding Dong, with a softer heart.

Ok the test  was not 100% successful, but I really enjoyed the result, because they’re very soft inside. For some reason, with the same amount of ingredients, this time I made four little cakes, instead of three, but ok…

50 gr dark chocolate – cioccolato fondente
25 gr butter – burro
30 gr sugar – zucchero
1 egg – 1 uovo
20 gr flour – farina
10 gr cocoa powder – cacao in polvere
a bit of baking powder – appena un po’ di lievito per dolci
cinnamon – cannella

Process is the same: melt the butter with the chocolate and a bit of cinnamon * sciogliete il burro con il cioccolato e pochissima acqua

Whip the egg white. Blend the sugar with the yolk and mix them all * Montate il bianco a neve e battete il tuorlo con lo zucchero, poi uniteli

Blend the egg+sugarwith the butter+chocolate+cinnamon. Mescolate tutto

e aggiungete anche la farina, il lievito e il cacao * add the flour, the baking powder and cocoa powder. If you need it, add a little milk to make it more fluid * Se è troppo densa, diluitela con un po’ di latte

As you can see, this time is more fluid than the previous time.

Cook in the oven at 160°C for 10 minutes. I left them in the off-turned oven for 3 minutes more, but you can take them out !

and then you have to……… try !

their heart is black and soft

they’re my chocolate !

.: Lemon sorcery

Una variante del risotto agli asparagi: asparagi, limone, formaggio e mandorle.

Lemon will be a touch of fresh in a classic risotto agli asparagi

butter * burro
onion (shallot) * scalogno
rice * riso
broth * brodo
asparagus * asparagi
cheese: Asiago (cubes) and (grated) Parmigiano-Reggiano
grated lemon skin * limone
almonds slices * mandorle a fette

Boil the asparagus and chop them in a cream. Put some butter in a pan with the chopped onion. Brown the rice then add the broth slowly and blend * Bollite e tritate gli asparagi. Rosolate la cipolla in padella con il burro. Aggiungete il riso e tiratelo a cottura con il brodo.

When the rice is almost done, add the asparagus, the almond slices, then the cheese and the grated lemon. Quando il riso è quasi cotto, aggiungete la crema di asparagi, le mandorle, i formaggi e la buccia grattugiata del limone.

It’s a very fresh and perfumed risotto.

Thinking about changes… I’m not a fan of teen series or movies, but I saw this video and…

…read about Lemonade mouth. Sometimes I wonder what would Walt Disney think about his company today. The original Disney works might have been kind of frightful for kids… but sure the music (Paul Dukas) and the stories (Goethe’s Sorcerer’s apprentice) were on another art level.

Have you ever noticed…? “sorcerer”, which means “sortilegio” (magia, stregoneria) in italian… sounds like “sorcio” which is an italian word for “mouse”.

.: Creep

I know, it’s kind of creepy, but I’m no cappuccino-pro… I’m just having fun with coffee 😀

lo so è un po’ inquietante la “faccina”, ma non ho esattamente il controllo del caffè.. specialmente appena alzata 😀 o forse è la mia espressione quando mi alzo con la cervicale … Magari girandolo sembra meglio XD

Maybe turning it 90° … might look better

or maybe… better watching Johnny Depp… 😀