.: Heroes

I once met a lady who used to ride tenths kilometers by bike, just to take messages to those who were hiding from the nazis… and I once met a man who risked his life to denounce the Nazi regime’s crimes and oppression, and to call for resistance.

We can be heroes and heroines. Somebody is called to be more brave than others, but sometimes we can be heroes even in simpler circumstances.

So I didn’t add a note of red in this very simple dessert, thinking that… those brave people took “the red part” away from us. Qualcuno è stato coraggioso per noi, e ci ha permesso di vivere una vita più facile.

we can have vanilla ice cream and mint syrup, for a fresh taste, and celebrate once again. But again think: still today some people are called to be heroes.

I think we should be happy for small-looking things. Maybe they’re great things, actually.

.: 25 Aprile

Ogni anno, in Italia, il 25 Aprile, qualcuno si sveglia, nel suo comodo lettino, si alza, fa colazione e poi, con la libertà di parola conquistata a caro prezzo da ragazzi morti più di 70 anni fa, coglie l’occasione per lanciare fango su questa festa e su tutto quello che significa. I know, some italian people think liberation day is something “old” or even something we should not mind, or something to dany or to forget. Some italian people think those boys and girls who fighted against fascism in the 40s are not worthy of celebration. Well, I’m not one of those. Certa gente dovrebbe fare una seria riflessione, io credo.

I know we owe to the young americans and english people, and I am grateful to them. But I am also grateful to those who opposed fascism from a more difficult position, being italian citizens in a country occupied by the German troops.

So, when I listen to this kind of songs, songs that speak for young boys and girls who risked their lives so that we, now, can live a comfortable and free life… I feel emotional.

and I think we should remeber those boys and girls. Forever.

And to celebrate, I cooked pasta with scottish salmon, yeah !

the usual chopped onion browned in oil, with a bit of ginger, parsley and pepper (also a very bit of milk)

and some fettuccine.

Noi sognavamo un mondo diverso..
un mondo… un mondo di libertà
un mondo di giustizia,
un mondo di pace e un mondo di fratellanza e di serenità.
Ho 85 anni, da allora ne sono passati 60, e purtroppo questo mondo non c’è.
E allora, riflettete, ragionate con la vostra testa e continuate la vostra lotta.

Between Parma and Reggio Emilia, in the former house of the Cervi Brothers, now there’s a museum. Every year people from every part of Italy come here and celebrate, because freedom is not conquered once for all.