.: Non tutti i biscotti riescono col buco

I had an idea…

I wanted to make biscuits in a cup-shape, so I could put some jam in. So I shaped them like this

But hey ! Physics! The baking powder tricked me

Anyway, they’re tasty and sweet and you can still put jam on them 😀

A man who never goes wrong, instead: Johnny Cash


.: Sometimes I get a good feeling

Food can cheer you up, even when times are rough.

Non sono molto di buon umore in questo periodo, però cucinare qualcosa di buono, aiuta. Ecco un bel piatto di gnocchetti ai funghi e due formaggi.

Potato gnocchi
Porcini mushrooms
Asiago cheese
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Evo oil

and a good vibe

Just chop the mushroom and brown them a little in evo oil. Cook the gnocchi in salted water, add the gnocchi to the mushroom pan and blend with the two types of cheese

You can also add some more vibes