.: New sounds, new feelings

I love the idea of new renditions of old songs. Some songs are just so beautiful that it seems hardly possible to make them even better. But sometimes, you can be surprised. Le fragole sono solo fragole, qualcosa che ho mangiato infinite volte, eppure ad ogni stagione possono avere un sapore diverso.

Actually things from the garden always change… like things in life always surprise you. If you just let them surprise you. I like them in the simplest way: sugar and lemon, and just a bit of time, so that they can release their sweet juice.

And you will be delighted and surprised by something you thought was already known.

.: The Princess

Have you ever felt like a princess? sometimes simple things can have big effects. A nice gift from someone you care, can change your day… or even your life.

You only need to cherish what life brings to you. Forse a molti non interessa, ad alcuni può addirittura infastidire dare attenzione a cose che non conoscono per niente, che sembrano estranee… ma il mondo è fatto di tante persone diverse e tutte possono insegnare qualcosa. This is the time of Ramadan and chebakia is typical pastry with honey and sesame of this season.

and for those who are not fasting, can make a sweet breakfast… and make you feel like a princess