.: I found

I lost almost 5 kgs during the last 5 weeks. Don’t ask me how. Only rational answer is “emotions”. I had a lot of different strong emotions. People I care for had some serious health problems. And I met some real wonderful, smart, sensitive, kind person. Emotion is what can stress you and what can make you happy. Emotion is what makes you burn calories and feel alive. So my recipe for a good diet is commit to good habits and live, live, live. Ciò che ci rende umani è l’emozione. Volete stare bene ? Vivete, ogni momento. Datevi agli altri, appassionatevi, spendetevi, innamoratevi.

So tonight I felt like cooking something tasty and kind of lustful. In a word: something fried. Fried mozzarella. It is sooooo simple, quick and yummy.

Oil for frying

Cut some mozzarella slices (1 cm). You better buy that non-watery one.

Put it in flour, and cover the slices very well

Beat the egg with some salt and pepper. Then make a double egg+breadcrumb covering: ut them in egg, then in breadcrumb, then again in the egg and again in breadcrumb. Meanwhile warm the oil very well and… fry !

Turn them quickly and often cause they will be ready very quicly and you must prevent mozzarella from melting. Then put them on some paper

I also made a small omelette with the rest of the egg and breadcrumb. And that’s it

You’ll love it

And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me

.: Sizigia

A volte tre elementi si allineano, si congiungono, producendo un effetto particolare. Syzygy is a special alignment, a straight-line configuration of three or more celestial bodies.

Syzygy was also a term used by Carl Jung, to mean a union of opposites, as in opposite sexes. Sometimes you feel like you are like a comet drifting away…  then you suddenly realize something in the universe aligned with you, and you feel a new kind of happiness.

..just drinking a coffee by myself and thinking… to life’s mysterious ways…

In Yolngu culture, Baralku (or Bralgu) is the island of the dead and the place where the Djanggawul originated. In Yolngu mythology, the Djanggawul are three siblings, two female and one male, who created the landscape of Australia and covered it with flora.