.: Sizigia

A volte tre elementi si allineano, si congiungono, producendo un effetto particolare. Syzygy is a special alignment, a straight-line configuration of three or more celestial bodies.

Syzygy was also a term used by Carl Jung, to mean a union of opposites, as in opposite sexes. Sometimes you feel like you are like a comet drifting away…  then you suddenly realize something in the universe aligned with you, and you feel a new kind of happiness.

..just drinking a coffee by myself and thinking… to life’s mysterious ways…

In Yolngu culture, Baralku (or Bralgu) is the island of the dead and the place where the Djanggawul originated. In Yolngu mythology, the Djanggawul are three siblings, two female and one male, who created the landscape of Australia and covered it with flora.


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