.: Gratitude

Do you feel grateful? I do. Maybe some people have been luckier than me, but I feel I have received a lot. I have received love, I have been given care, I have things that millions of (past and present) people will never have. So, I feel extremely grateful. Among some of the simplest things I feel grateful for there is food. Some dishes are even dearer to me, just because they remind me sweet people and joyful moments in life.

One of them is pasta al ragù, because I love my mum’s ragù and so this is like “a mum’s emotion” food

And a new joyful emotion food is pasta with salmon, ‘cause I recently enjoyed it with a special person who changed my feelings and thoughts from sad to happy.

I am also grateful to the living beings who were there to become my food. To the people who worked for taking it to me. For the universe who made me be here in this time and space, to enjoy all of this. Do you feel this is a bit too much? I don’t know. Ma pensateci. Pensate quando fate una doccia calda, che non è una cosa scontata per milioni di persone. Pensate quando mangiate cibo che arriva da migliaia di km. Pensateci quando un medico riesce a risolvere un vostro problema con una tecnica di cui fino a 50 anni fa nessun essere umano sulla terra poteva beneficiare. Pensateci. Think.

Considero valore ogni forma di vita, la neve, la fragola, la mosca.
Considero valore il regno minerale, l’assemblea delle stelle.
Considero valore il vino finché dura il pasto, un sorriso involontario,
la stanchezza di chi non si è risparmiato, due vecchi che si amano.
Considero valore quello che domani non varrà più niente
e quello che oggi vale ancora poco.

Considero valore tutte le ferite.
Considero valore risparmiare acqua, riparare un paio di scarpe,
tacere in tempo, accorrere a un grido, chiedere permesso prima di sedersi,
provare gratitudine senza ricordare di che.

Considero valore sapere in una stanza dov’è il nord,
qual è il nome del vento che sta asciugando il bucato.
Considero valore il viaggio del vagabondo, la clausura della monaca,
la pazienza del condannato, qualunque colpa sia.

Considero valore l’uso del verbo amare e l’ipotesi che esista un creatore.
Molti di questi valori non ho conosciuto.

Erri De Luca
da “Opera sull’acqua e altre poesie”

.: Come

Biscuits and strawberries. Biscotti e fragole… bella combinazione.

La ricetta non è nuova, ma l’abbinamento sì. The recipe for biscuits is known, but strawberries add a new flavour. Next time I must try the #2 recipe with strawberry. The dough is the same

but this time I tried some new shapes

I’ll try other shapes, but some of these were perfect for adding some pieces of strawberries

might even be a nice breakfast

Come, come, my baby come
I will show you the world
Come, come, my baby come
I will cover your nightmares
Come, come, my baby come
I will love you forever
Come, come, my baby come
I will not let you go

My soul, is in Africa with you boy
Looking at the stars
on this diamond sky
giving you my heart
so you can keep it on your mind
floating on your blazing eyes

..a dreaming breakfast, or a sweet dessert

.: Present past

Something old, something new, everything always changing… I created tagliatelle with salmon, potatoes, ginger and cinnamon. Sounds weird ? Well, tastes good. Ok tagliatelle salmone, patate, zenzero e cannella sembrano strane, ma effettivamente è un buon mix.

We all have our “time of the heart”, our Dreamtime, the years when we were powerful, we were full of hopes and dreams, full of passion and energy, the time when we felt invincible and immortal. So when I want to feel good I visit those days, between 80s and 90s… and make past present, in a jump!

Let’s jump in the kitchen then.

I will not tell you to make tagliatelle or fettuccine, just buy them and cook them in  salted water as usual. This is the “old” part. The new one starts with potatoes: cut them in cubes and boil ‘em in water for 3-4 minutes. Bollite le patate a cubetti per renderle morbide.

Then put potatoes in a pan with some oil, rosmary, ginger and cinnamon, and brown them for 5 to 10 minutes. Saltate le patate in padella con olio, zenzero, cannella e rosmarino per 5-10 minuti.

Then add the salmon and just brown it very slightly. In the end add the tagliatelle and let them take the taste of the dressing for a minute in the pan. You can serve.

Aggiungete il salmone e scottatelo leggermente, infine saltate le tagliatelle nel condimento et c’est fini.

and ask yourself: why can’t this be love ?

it can ! Look again

.: Le début du bonheur

Sometimes I think that happiness really is in very very small things. Small moments. Small feelings. A memory, a gaze, a thought, a note.

This piece only lasts 107 seconds. And has come to me through a tv spot. I hate commercials, but sometimes… among them, something beautiful pops out. This is the case. You won’t even find Daprisnki in Wikipedia. Don’t know how this is possible. Maybe can’t contain this beauty. This music carves my mind… takes me to sweet memories… and, of course, some sweet moments are around a table with sweet company and delicious food.

I was in a restaurant by the sea. It was a beautiful summer night. And I’ll keep that memory with me, forever. A small piece of happiness.