.: I love rock’n’roll

Ok this is a blog about cooking things… but sometimes… a volte non hai proprio voglia di metterti a cucinare, e hai voglia di una bella pizza. Così ho deciso di provare una pizzeria qui vicino ** sometimes you don’t really feel like cooking… so I decided to try a pizzeria nearby

and the choice was right. After all…. it’s hard to find a bad pizza in Italy, anywhere you go

and you hardly have a bad rock song from rock icon Joan Jett… Happy birthday Joan!!

.: Ma che bella !

It really turned out beautiful ! Ma che bella !

and the dough was really soft. L’impasto era della morbidezza perfetta

ovviamente cotta prima solo con il pomodoro. First cooking with tomato only

and then the rest

but I must confess you: it wasn’t perfect yet. I must make it thinner next time, otherwise it can be too rich. Anyway you can alway say: ma che bella!


1905 – Gennaro Lombardi is credited to having opened the first United States Pizzeria in New York City at 53 1/2 Spring Street (now know as Little Italy). Lombardo is now known as America’s “Patriarca della Pizza.” It wasn’t until the early 1930s that he added tables and chairs and sold spaghetti as well.

In 1895 Gennaro Lombardi, at the age of 14 and already a bread maker by trade, emigrated from Naples, Italy, and came to New York where he made pizza in a bakery/grocery store on Mulberry Street, using the same dough recipe his father and grandfather had used in Naples.

In 1905, the owner of the bakery/grocery store offered to sell the store to young Gennaro, who jumped at the chance. Within a few years, he realized that while bread and groceries were business, the future was made of pizza. Lombardi wanted to have a real American pizza business, and so acquired that first pizza-selling license for his location at 53 1/2 Spring Street. A downturn in the economy forced it to close its doors in 1984.

In 1994, ten years after Lombardi’s had closed, John Brescio and Jerry Lombardi decided to revive Lombardi’s. They were soon joined by Andrew Bellucci, a chef-turned-pizza fanatic who had worked and trained at making pizzas in two other restaurants.


.: Wish you were here

19 years ago, in a sunny day, like today, my friend F. passed away. She was young, too young to go, and so many people were missing her smile and still are today. We had so many joyful days together, we had been working together for some years, facing the good and the bad. And yes, we ate many pizzas together with friends.

So this is dedicated to you, F. You were such a beautiful e joyful girl. You brought so much joy in my life that still today I can feel it. Wish you were here.

Well maybe you are. Even when I’m waiting for my pizza to be ready…

Thank you for being with me. I think this is the best pizza I’ve ever done, just because I’s thinking of you while doing it.

La mia amica F. era straordinaria, anche se non aveva mai fatto nulla che “il mondo” potesse ricordare. Eppure a salutarla c’era proprio il mondo, tutte le persone, veramente tantissime, a cui aveva dato gioia.

.: Heaven on their minds

At my first year of my second degree I wrote a paper about Jesus Christ Superstar. I’ve been loving this opera since the beginning, but some changed their minds a lot about it during the years. Did you know that Tim Rice was quoted as saying “It happens that we don’t see Christ as God but simply the right man at the right time at the right place” and some people (some traditionalists) thought it was blasphemous? Despite this, Pope Paul VI declared it was a good film and it was just a rock opera, not a theological opera 😀

One of my favourite songs is the warning of Judas to Jesus.. “be careful!” he tells him. But he won’t listen.

And after my favourite rock opera, now my favourite italian opera: pizza 😀

Be careful when you cook it… you might fall in love with it. And did you know Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) was sang in 1970 by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) ?

Some masterpieces always go together 😀