.: Lil’ mushroom

I funghetti trallallà. Ok seriously, I think there’s a problem with kids exhibiting. But, we love to see what kids can do. Really they are the most powerful form of human being, and it’s easy for them to get attention.

So, let’s forget our “ethical”overthinking and just enjoy mushrooms and…

Lil’ Mushroom

So this is boscaiola, a sauce with mushrooms, tomato and grated parmigiano-reggiano, on the usual sautéed of onion. Una boscaiola semplice: funghi, poco pomodoro e parmigiano grattugiato.

with bavette integrali. Love ‘em. Cut the mushrooms or chop them fine, as you like. I make almost a cream of them. Put them in the pan with the tomato and cook it all a little

then add the (cooked in salted water) pasta, and add the (grated) parmigiano-reggiano in the end

you can also take a look at the lil 5yo Tavaris

and have some more boscaiola