.: Tell me how

Tell me how could I stop making my batbout bread…? Especially the one with cheese inside…mmmm…

100 gr farina di semola / durum wheat flour
150 gr farina tipo 1 / type 1 flour
acqua / water
lievito di birra /brewer’s yeast
sale / salt

Fate lievitare per circa 30 minuti o un po’ di più
Let it rise for 30 minutes or a bit longer

Poi lo dividete in palline, le schiacciate, le stendete, le ripiegate e…
Then make some pieces, roll out the dough, fold it up and…

… you only need a pan.
Basta una padella, ed è fatta.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ti ammazzerei ma poi non so…
Quando non ci sei…
Senza di te non c’è più il soooOOoole
Dimmi come posso fare per salvare il mio cuore ??


.: I like the way you work it

I love making my bread-and-cheese “things” whenever I make my weekly bread.

you just have to do the usual batbout bread and put you favourite cheese inside.

and the cheese will melt…

you can do these for a quick dinner with friends too. And I do the rest as regular bread

love the way they turn out

.: Can you feel it coming… ?

It’s hot. I haven’t been using my oven in months… it’s too hot for it, even if I could switch up my AC. I find it silly wasting energy for warming and more energy to cool it down. So… no biscuits, but.. a lot of bread.

I love the perfume when you just made it… spreading through my house…

so I made it again and again, week after week… for bread is the basic food and I love having it freshly made.

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like cooking, during the making of bread, I fill some of them with cheese and have them as my dinner, with something else, for example some ham

just need a pan to let them grow a little

or let the cheese melt a little, inside…. a soft heart! ❤

and you can make it over and over again… because some nice bread is something you can’t go without

Can you feel it coming…?

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord

.: Ladies in colors

Lady in white

Lady in black

Which one do you like better? I am more on Uriah Heep

She came to me one morning
One lonely sunday morning
Her long hair flowing
In the midwinter wind
I know not how she found me
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me
From a fight I could not win
But she wouldnt think of battle that
Reduces men to animals
So easy to begin
And yet impossible to end
For shes the mother of our men
Who counselled me so wisely then
I feared to walk alone again
And asked if she would stay
Thus having spoke she turned away
And though I found no words to say
I stood and watched until I saw
Her black coat disappear
My labour is no easier
But now I know Im not alone
I find new heart each time
I think upon that windy day
And if one day she comes to you
Drink deeply from her words so wise
Take courage from her
As your prize
And say hello from me

I like simple tasty food, and we have some here in my region. Everyone knows Parma ham, but who knows Felino salame ? And they dedicated a museum to it ! Il salame di Felino è una meraviglia della vita. Se penso che più di 7 miliardi di persone non lo conosce…! Salame di Felino is a real pleasure, and you just need a slice of bread to be delighted.

love simplicity!