.: Anthem

You probably understood I’ve fallen in love with Emancipator’s music lately XD

Anyway, lift your hand if you don’t like breaded chicken ! Everybody likes it…. right ? but there’s egg in the breading, usually. Well, did you know you can make it just with breadcrumb ?

What ?

Yes !

Just put oil in the pan, put your chicken inside and “oil” it. Sounds funny. Then just add the breadcrumb, cook a little, turn and add more breadcrumb. Believe me!

and if you wanna add some fancy ingredient, use a little tomato sauce

doesn’t look as great as the first one, but it tastes good !

.: One of these nights

Everyone likes fried chicken. Usually you put it in a beaten egg, then you cover it in bread crumble and you fry it. But tonight I tried something different: I used no egg. I simply wet the meat with some oil, then cover the meat in bread crumble, and fried it. Hey looks good!

Avete mai provato ? Impanatura senza uovo: ho unto il pollo con un po’ di olio e l’ho passato nel pangrattato. Sembra che funzioni. Anzi… è buono. Ecco il secondo piatto, con rosmarino e pane ai cereali.