.: Brown Sabbath

Today I had lunch at a very odd hour. It was afternoon actually. So.. what time may I have dinner ? Or… may I have dinner at all ? I usually dine late, so I chose to cook something that we call “contorno”. A kind of minor dish that you usually combine with a main dish.
I found a recipe for baked potatoes à la Hasselback (with Emmenthal cheese) and this is my rendition:
– potatoes – patate
– oil – olio
– butter – burro
– Asiago cheese
– grated bread pan grattato

Non avevo fame… avevo “voglia di qualcosa di buono” 😀 dite che ha funzionato?

Peel the potatoes and make slices with cuts in them. Boil them for like 3 minutes. Pelate le patate e fate delle fette che inciderete con tagli paralleli.  Bollitele per 3 minuti

Put the potatoes in an (oil-stained) oven pan. Put a bit of butter on each and cook in the oven at 200°C for about 40 minutes.

Poi ungete una pirofila e mettete in forno le patate con sopra dei fiocchetti di burro, per circa 40 minuti a 200 °C.

Intanto preparate il formaggio. Cut the cheese

Quando le patate sono un po’ arrostite, mettete sopra il formaggio e il pane grattugiato. Non serve sale. When potatoes are almost roasted, add the cheese and the grated bread on top.

Cook for 5-10 minutes more. Altri 5-10 minuti nel forno e sono pronte.


I covered Hasselback and Brown Sabbath covered Fairies wear boots by Black Sabbath. I think we both had success 😀