.: Qué vendrá

Summer makes me lazy at cooking… I love having breakfast at the seaside…

and “stealing” vegetables from my father’s garden

the fact that my life is so nice and easy, while other people have a hard life, make me pause and think… does anyone remember that Europa was from Phoenicia (which means Middle East) in her mythological origins ?

According to the legend, Europa was the epitome of feminine beauty on Earth. Zeus once saw her on the seashore of Phoenicia playing with her friends. He was so captivated by her beauty that he fell in love with her and developed a strong desire to possess her. Immediately, he took the form of a white bull and approached her. The bull looked wonderful with its snow-white body and gem-like horns. Europa looked at the extraordinary animal curiously and dared to touch and later hang him because he appeared so calm to her. Later, she was somehow motivated to climb on his back.

As soon as she did so, Zeus ran to the sea and carried her all the way from Phoenicia to the island of Crete. There he regained his human form and mated with her under an evergreen tree. This was the abduction of Europa, who later gave birth to three sons of Zeus, Minos, Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon. These men were known for their fairness and became the three judges of the Underworld, when they died. In fact, Minos founded the town of Knossos and gave his name to an entire civilization, the Minoan civilization.

Zeus loved Europa so much that he showered her with three priceless gifts. The first one was a bronze man, Talos, who served as a guard to her. He was the bronze giant that the Argonauts met and killed in their attempt to shore on Crete. The second was a dog, Laelaps, which could hunt anything she wanted. The last one was a javelin that had the power to hit the target, whatever it was. Europa was later married to one of the kings of Crete, Asterius, who adopted her sons and made her the first queen of Crete.

It is said that when Europa died, Zeus transformed her into a star complex and he himself took again the shape of the white bull to merge in the complex. The Taurus Constellation is believed to be the form of Zeus. Today the name Europa has been given to one of Jupiter’s 16 moons and in fact this moon is very special, as it is believed to have water on its surface.


.: I just want you

Friends, I have lost weight in the last 4 months, so I decided to allow myself some sweet breakfast with a whipped cream extra topping in my caffelatte…

This is what you shouldn’t do if you are trying to lose weight…but hey… you have to give yourself a treat once in a while…

I just want some sweetness in my saturday morning…

Amor, ch’a nullo amato amar perdona,
mi prese del costui piacer sì forte,
che, come vedi, ancor non m’abbandona.

Divina Commedia – Inferno
Canto V – vv.103-105

.: Deep in coffee

Sometimes you need a boost of energy and sweetness… to tell dream from reality…

So take:

250 gr of mascarpone cheese
2 eggs
3 spoons of sugar

whipp the egg whites and mix all.

Then take your favourite biscuits and wet them in some ginseng (o regular) coffee and put them on the bottom

then share it with your dream and try to find out if it’s a dream or it’s real

Don’t wake me up right now,
I need to see if this dream is gonna last, till I get to see you again.
I don’t want to wake up, just, stay right there.
I know this dream is a dream, but i know it could be real