.: I don’t need no doctor

Hard times, we all know. Stiamo in casa, speriamo, incrociamo le dita. We cross fingers, we stay home, we hope for the better. Speriamo non ci serva un dottore. Allora… mele.

150 gr sugar – zucchero
2 eggs – uova
200 gr flour – farina
baking powder – lievito per dolci
milk – latte
butter – burro

oven – cottura 180°C around 30 minutes

Cut the apples in slices. You can wet them in lemon juice or in some cake liqueur (in Italy we often use Sassolino)

Mix sugar and eggs. Add flour, baking powder and a bit of milk if you feel it’s getting too thick. Then oil your pan with butter, put the dough inside, decorate with the apple slices and put some small pieces of butter on top. Oven will do the rest… a humble pie to keep doctors away

.: I’ve got chocolate

I am late. In fact this was done on November the 2nd. Apart from Halloween… è la commemorazione dei defunti. We remember people we have loved and lost. And this is my dark and sweet homage to a sweet sweet friend I lost very long ago, but never forget. She taught me to cook this great chocolate cake and she taught me I’ve got life.

and I gave my recipe to you just the same she gave it to me:

For the crust:

250 gr flour – farina
150 gr sugar – zucchero
2 eggs – 2 uova
100 gr butter
1 small spoon of baking powder

For the filling:

1 egg – 1 uovo
150 gr black chocolate (to melt) – cioccolato fondente
200 ml sweet cream – panna
3 spoons of sugar

cook: 180°C ++ for about 40 minutes (check the crust)

I know… it needs some work… melt the chocolate, melt the butter…

but hey: good things need some work.

Do the crust first and put it in the pan (butter and flour on the bottom)… no need to say it doesn’t have to be perfect…

then mix the ingredients for the filling

and place the cream inside

you’re done…almost. Be careful when cooking: it’s gonna grow pretty much… and then… get down later

do you think it’s not looking good ? you’re wrong

that’s the way it has to look… and you’ll love it

wanna make it even better ? reduce quantities for the crust… you’ll love more chocolate…

‘cause black is the best part. Ask Ms. Lauryn Hill

.: Cat’s in the cradle

It’s snack time!

Sometimes when I come home in the afternoon, my neighbour’s cat is waiting for me. He can communicate very well, and with his “meow” he lets me know he wants to get in. So I steal some cuddles from him and open the door. Mi piace davvero questo micio, che mi aspetta per farsi aprire la porta. Io gli rubo un po’ di coccole e in cambio lo faccio entrare.

I love small things like this. And I love cats. And I also love cakes and all the carbohydrates… so I decided to make an experiment with a recipe I found.

100 gr quinoa
30 gr butter – burro
milk – latte (approx 100 ml)
50 gr sugar – zucchero
1 egg – 1 uovo
Baking powder – lievito per dolci

And, there is a topping to make. So you need some marmalade, I suggest plums but you can choose according to your taste. Fornitevi anche di marmellata, per guarnire. Io ho usato una marmellata di prugne fatta dalla mia mamma 😀

Actually I have quinoa with bulgur, but it’s ok.

Put the quinoa in the milk and cook, with the butter, for about 20 minutes. Add the lemon skin (grated) or a bit of juice.

Let it get cold. Add the sugar, the baking powder and the yolk.

In the end add the whipped egg white.

It was meant for a cake (with a triple dose), but I decided to make it in the shape of muffins.

Cook in the oven at 170°C for about 40 minutes. Check with a toothpick before taking them out.

In the end dilute some marmalade in water, on low fire, and put it on top of the baked part.

Cuoci la quinoa con latte e burro per 20 minuti, finchè si assorbe il liquido. Aggiungi la scorza di limone grattugiata e se vuoi un po’ di succo. Lascia raffreddare. Aggiungi il tuorlo, lo zucchero e il lievito. Infine il bianco montato a neve. Cuoci per circa 40 minuti a 170 °C. Controllate la cottura con uno stuzzicadente, prima di tirarli fuori. Per guarnire: stemperare un po’ di marmellata con poca acqua a fuoco basso e metterla sopra.

E poi mangiateli con qualcuno che amate: saranno più croccanti 😉

Don’t let time go bye… cook for someone you love 😉

Johnny Cash also made a cover of this song, maybe ‘cause it resonates with his typical mood… regret for love

.: Get it while you can

Yes, it was good. Maybe it wasn’t perfect and I could have baked it a little more. But.. as you can see… nobody complained. Instead, they got it while they could.


In this world, if you read the papers, darling,
You know everybody’s fighting with each other.
You got no one you can count on, dear,
Not even your own brother.
So if someone comes along,
He gonna give you love and affection,

I’d say get it while you can, yeah,
Honey, get it while you can, yeah,
Honey, grab it while you can,
Don’t you turn your back on love, no, no, no.

When you’re loving somebody, baby,
You’re taking a gamble against some sorrow.
But who knows, baby,
‘Cause we may not be here tomorrow.
And if anybody comes along,
He gonna give you love and affection,

I’d say get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, grab it when you’re gonna need it!
Yeah hey, hold it while you can,
Don’t you turn your sweet back on love,
No no no, no no no no no!

Ah! Once I had me a man,
But I didn’t know enough at the time
To count my blessings, no no,
But I wish he could see me crying today,
‘Cause his love don’t feel to listen.
And if anybody comes along,
He gonna give me love and affection,
Yeah, hey!, Hey! Yeah! Hey!

Get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, get it while you can,
Don’t you turn your back on love,
No no no, no no no no.

Get it while you can, yeah!
Honey, grab it while you can, yeah!
I said, hold on to that man, love,
Hold on to that man whole,
Yeah, get it, want it, need it,
Get it, get it, hold it, need it, want it,
Get it, need it, want it, hold it,
Get it, squeeze it, love it, touch it,
Use it, need it, want it, get it,
Need it, want it, hold it,

Yeah hey, get it while you can, baby,
Yeah hey, get it while you can,
Honey, don’t you go and turn your sweet back on love,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Era buona… come una canzone di Janis 🙂

Ok cuocetela 5 minuti in più, però è buonissima anche così… e poi io l’ho riscaldata una seconda volta prima di servirla: in forno a 50°C per pochi minuti.