.: The Search

Ads can be different worldwide. So I didn’t know this one and nothing called “Moccona” is on sell here in Italy. As a matter of fact Wikipedia says it is available in Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Russia, and Thailand. I was looking for nice melodies on youtube and I first met a cover of the original music

and my search brought me to the original one by  Elliott Wheeler

you decide which one is better. I think it’s perfect as a lullaby… like my chamomile tea. * Questa musica mi sembra perfetta come ninnananna… insieme a una bella tisana di camomilla e tiglio…


.: Goodnight Zoe

I should have posted this next May, because it was during that month, last year, that I met Zoe. But this song came to me today, and I noticed that it is linked to various nice moments of my life. L’anno scorso a maggio ho conosciuto Zoe. Nonostante siamo parenti, non ci eravamo mai incontrate, perchè viviamo molto lontane, ma sono molto felice di averla “ritrovata”. Zoe is a real nice person, so I want to dedicate my goodnight ritual to her: you are sweet like a warm chamomile cuddle with fragrant honey and drops of lemon.

I wish all your dreams can come true and that you always find love around you, like honey around that bit of zesty lemon that life menace everyone with.

Ti auguro tutto il meglio e una buona notte con queste note.