.: Breakfast tune

This morning I decided to have breakfast at the place where a friend of mine’s working.. a little nice bar with great pastries and lovely cappuccinos…

as you can see… my cappuccino was still loving me..even when I had almost had it all..

and believe me.. the cream inside this pastry was sooooo good

.: 1993

We can’t know our future, we think we know our past. We think we can learn from the past and avoid the same mistakes in the future.
We’d better doubt about all of this.
We can imagine our future and our goals can guide us in the present. We can read our past in many different ways. Try and think to talk about past moments with a friend and you’ll soon find out he or she remembers so many things you have forgotten.
Non dovremmo essere così sicuri di conoscere il nostro passato e ignorare il nostro futuro. Non dovremmo pensare di poter così facilmente evitare errori nel futuro, perché abbiamo imparato dal passato. In realtà non ci ricordiamo molte cose del passato, e capita che, mentre siamo concentrati sul non ripetere alcuni errori passati, ne stiamo commettendo di nuovi nel presente.
In 1993 I was envisioning a future in my mind. All of that changed in the next years, in unpredictable ways. 1993 had something else in its plans for me.
Who knows what today is planning for me? I got ready with a cappuccino.


.: The Princess

Have you ever felt like a princess? sometimes simple things can have big effects. A nice gift from someone you care, can change your day… or even your life.

You only need to cherish what life brings to you. Forse a molti non interessa, ad alcuni può addirittura infastidire dare attenzione a cose che non conoscono per niente, che sembrano estranee… ma il mondo è fatto di tante persone diverse e tutte possono insegnare qualcosa. This is the time of Ramadan and chebakia is typical pastry with honey and sesame of this season.

and for those who are not fasting, can make a sweet breakfast… and make you feel like a princess