.: Either way I win

When it’s saturday night and you don’t feel like goin’ out, you may want to treat yourself with just the classic comfort food… and I did it.

Tenderloin and fries… the simplest cuddle you can give to yourself… you’ll never change..this truth

and what else ?… a perfect home made tiramisù…

Either way I win… don’t you think so ?

.: Steep cliffs

I live in a grassy plain region. But I feel like I’m among steep cliffs. Sometimes I feel on the edge of something dangerous… like a tightrope walker I try to keep a balance, but the void is there and looks into your eyes…
Sometimes you need to plunge into something new and let things go.

So this is something new, unusual, completely messy, but tasty.
Onions – cipolle
evo oil – olio evo
Minced meat (beef and pork) – carne macinata (manzo e maiale)
Asiago cheese
Breadcrumb – pangrattato

Cut zucchini and onions in thin slices, mix the breadcrumb and the meat.

Cook the zucchini (a bit more) and the onion in a pan with some oil, then add the meat.

In the end add the Asiago in small cubes and let them melt a bit.

Sometimes you have to jump into the unknown and taste it.

.: My life is going on

Here is my polpette again. Things go on. Sometimes they look the same, sometimes they look like changing… who knows what’s really happening ?

you think you are mixing always the same ingredients, the same way… but things turn out different.

Look….these are from another cooking day

I was more careful with fire and they turned out paler

Food is a metaphor for life…. going on.

.: Walk

Walking back to bread and a simple, tasty, fillet. Quando finisce il pane, mi metto all’opera. First: yeast, flour, water, salt and a bit of milk

Second: rising. You don’t need much time, 1 hour at most

then make the squares. Fate dei quadrati, oppure tutte le formine che volete, però piatte. Be’.. tranne se li farcite con qualcosa.. tipo un bel cubetto di Asiago

A couple of cheese-filled one make my dinner more delicious. And I love the fact that you can quickly cook them in a pan

I always love the result.

and I decided to combine it with a classic: a small beef fillet.

Walk… back to simple food.

.: Whole Lotta Love

Liver and onions is something I love, so I cook it over and over and over and over again. The same as musician from every place in the world love to do some songs over and over and over and over and over again…

and if you don’t know who Michael Winslow is, you better learn it ! Se siete giovani forse non vi ricordate di Michael Winslow… ma dovreste impararlo!