.: Happy b-day Youtube

The day April 23, 2005, the first video was posted on Youtube.

Actually… you wouldn’t think YouTube is only 13 years old. Non sembrerebbe che YouTube abbia solo 13 anni, eppure è così. Drinking my cappuccino, I think… time flies !

But I feel I’m growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill goin’ ‘round
I guess I’ll always be
A soldier of fortune

Ed effettivamente ha ragione Marty (Michael J. Fox) quando, nel 2015, dice “seems that 2015 kinda sucks!”   Actually Marty and Doc are right being shocked about “future”… hey! we do not have flying cars yet !!

ok well… maybe some things’d better not change, like coffee or cappuccino 😀