.: Oh mama, ooh la, ooh la, ooh la

Sometimes mum is perfectly tuned on your thoughts, feelings and desires…

with a very similar process to the one I described in the previous post, you can make a great sauce for spaghetti

and help you in showinng love to someone you care

Everything I thought I knew about me’s upside down
Everything is changing, but I think I love it now

.: Rock-a-bye, baby

“La cucina della mamma non si batte” mi ha detto un amico qualche giorno fa. Very true. Mommy’s cooking is always the best. And my mum’s pasta al forno is really great: homemade tagliatelle, homemade ragù, homemade besciamella. Can’t think of anything better.

Maybe pictures are not perfect, but the taste is.

a true gesture of love