.: Love me two times

Sometimes you make a dish and something on the side, then you realize that you can mix all together and it would be great. A volte sembra un secondo e un contorno, ma poi ti rendi conto che se li metti insieme fanno una bella insalata di pollo. Peccato che siamo solo in Aprile perché credo sia un fantastico piatto estivo.

Pollo speziato in insalata con origano. Spieced chicken and oregano salad.

evo oil – olio evo
red onion (shallot) – scalogno
coriander – coriandolo
ginger – zenzero
nutmeg – noce moscata
oregano – origano
salt – sale
and obviously chicken – pollo

Put the spices in the pan with the oil and lightly warm the mixture. Mettete le spezie nell’olio in padella a fuoco basso.

Cut the chicken in small pieces and wet it with the lemon. Tagliate il pollo a pezzi piccoli e bagnatelo con il limone.

Then put the onion and the chicken in the pan and go on cooking. Add oregano and salt at the end. Mettete il pollo in padella con la cipolla, bagnate con altro limone e cuocete. Sale e origano alla fine.

If you have lettuce, you can make a hot-cold chicken salad.

Se avete della lattuga o altra insalata, questo pollo può anche essere mischiato all’insalata per fare un’insalata di pollo caldo-freddo.

Oh well… even one time would do. La primavera !!

.: Strange

Laura is an American singer of italian descent. Elisa is an Italian singer successfully singing English lyrics. Everybody loves to be strange… for being “strange” is the most ordinary, “normal” thing.

We are all strange
And It ain’t never never ever gonna change

Chicken is a versatile meat. You can cook it in many ways, some simpler and some “stranger”. I often cook it with just some tomato…

other times I add some ham and cheese

but tonight I tried something different. I can’t make a regular chicken curry (at least I never tried) and I didn’t have yogurt available. So I decided to make my own version, to end a long day with something new and tasty. Well.. I can tell you: mission accomplished.

What you need:

evo oil – olio evo
red onion (shallot) – scalogno
coriander – coriandolo
cumin – cumino
cinnamon – cannella
ginger – zenzero
milk – latte
Asiago cheese
and obviously chicken – pollo

Put some cumin, some curry, some cinnamon and coriander in some milk and lightly warm the mixture. Then put the chicken in the mixture for some time (from 10 to 30 minutes). Ho scaldato il latte con un po’ di cumino, coriandolo, curry e cannella.

being honest I added some nutmeg, a bit of pepper and salt.

In a pan you slightly warm the shallot in oil with  some ginger. Rosolate pochissimo lo scalogno con un po’ di zenzero.

e poi preparate il formaggio a tocchetti. Cut the cheese in little cubes.

Put the chicken in the pan on the onion and cook it a bit. In the end add the cheese cubes. Mettete il pollo nella padella e, quando è già cotto, aggiungete il formaggio per farlo fondere, alla fine.

Non so darvi le dosi delle spezie, ma ne ho messe poche perché era un esperimento. Being an experiment I used very little of each spice, but I don’t know the exact amount of each of them. Anyway I can tell the result is very good. I loved it.

Laura and Elisa really mirror the pleasure of this spiced “strange” chicken. Goodnight.