.: Kids just wanna have fun

I ran out of biscuits, so dovevo fare un po’ di biscotti e… I decided to try something slightly different. This biscuits should be more healthy:

200 gr whole flour (spelt and buckwheat) – farina integrale (farro e grano saraceno)
100 gr flour type 2 – farina tipo 2
150 gr sugar – zucchero
30 gr butter (sweet) – burro
70 gr yogurt
baking powder – lievito vanigliato
1 egg – 1 uovo
* cinnamon – zenzero
* almonds – mandorle
* almond flavour – aroma alla mandorla
Oven 170°C for 15 minutes – Forno 170°C per 15

sciogliete il burro – melt the butter

montate il bianco a neve, poi mischiate con tuorlo
e zucchero, e aggiungete il burro e lo yogurt (e l’aroma se volete) – whip the
eggwhite then mix with the yolk, the sugar; add
the melted butter and the yogurt (and the flavour if you like)

poi la farina e il lievito – add flour and baking powder

stendete e fate le forme, decorate con le mandorle e mettete su una teglia – lay the dough, make the shapes, top with the almonds and put on the tray.

il forno farà il resto – oven will do the rest

After getting into a row with his mum, a 12 yo boy stole his mum’s card, researched which airlines would allow him to fly unaccompanied without permission from his parents, and booked himself a flight. He then tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport, took a train to the airport and flew to Indonesia. Once there, he told the receptionist that his sister was coming but he had come to check in early and spent several days living in a luxury hotel.
“It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure” he said. He must have seen “Home alone”

Maybe her mum should have done some more biscuits for him…

.: Fearless

Things happen. Yes. Qualche amica a volte deve andare via, qualche altro è confuso. Qualcuno si ammala, qualcuno guarisce. Some friends leave, some friend is confused. Someone shivers in the snow, someone is cold in the sun. Qualcuno è ostile, qualcuno è amorevole. Somebody smiles, some other cries.
All we can do is to hold on. Be calm, resist, withstand. Quando tutto intorno si muove, vacilla… stare calmi.
And make a comfort pasta.

Some speck ham, some Asiago cheese. Watch how the cheese melt… taste it slowly. Remember how many good things are there.

“Vi mostrerò la paura in una manciata di polvere.”
“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
(The Waste Land, Burial of the dead – T.S. Eliot)