.: Minor cause

Take some flour, mix it with some water and make a cream. Cut some slices of (solid) mozzarella and plunge them in the flour cream. Then cover them in grated bread and fry them in hot oil.

crispy lovely cheese

don’t feel guilty… it’s a minor cause to your pleasure

.: Anthem

You probably understood I’ve fallen in love with Emancipator’s music lately XD

Anyway, lift your hand if you don’t like breaded chicken ! Everybody likes it…. right ? but there’s egg in the breading, usually. Well, did you know you can make it just with breadcrumb ?

What ?

Yes !

Just put oil in the pan, put your chicken inside and “oil” it. Sounds funny. Then just add the breadcrumb, cook a little, turn and add more breadcrumb. Believe me!

and if you wanna add some fancy ingredient, use a little tomato sauce

doesn’t look as great as the first one, but it tastes good !

.: Steep cliffs

I live in a grassy plain region. But I feel like I’m among steep cliffs. Sometimes I feel on the edge of something dangerous… like a tightrope walker I try to keep a balance, but the void is there and looks into your eyes…
Sometimes you need to plunge into something new and let things go.

So this is something new, unusual, completely messy, but tasty.
Onions – cipolle
evo oil – olio evo
Minced meat (beef and pork) – carne macinata (manzo e maiale)
Asiago cheese
Breadcrumb – pangrattato

Cut zucchini and onions in thin slices, mix the breadcrumb and the meat.

Cook the zucchini (a bit more) and the onion in a pan with some oil, then add the meat.

In the end add the Asiago in small cubes and let them melt a bit.

Sometimes you have to jump into the unknown and taste it.

.: 1993

We can’t know our future, we think we know our past. We think we can learn from the past and avoid the same mistakes in the future.
We’d better doubt about all of this.
We can imagine our future and our goals can guide us in the present. We can read our past in many different ways. Try and think to talk about past moments with a friend and you’ll soon find out he or she remembers so many things you have forgotten.
Non dovremmo essere così sicuri di conoscere il nostro passato e ignorare il nostro futuro. Non dovremmo pensare di poter così facilmente evitare errori nel futuro, perché abbiamo imparato dal passato. In realtà non ci ricordiamo molte cose del passato, e capita che, mentre siamo concentrati sul non ripetere alcuni errori passati, ne stiamo commettendo di nuovi nel presente.
In 1993 I was envisioning a future in my mind. All of that changed in the next years, in unpredictable ways. 1993 had something else in its plans for me.
Who knows what today is planning for me? I got ready with a cappuccino.


.: The key: diversity

“la fatica che implica la diversità può essere pensata come alla fatica di un esercizio che ci fortifica”

“The pain associated with diversity can be thought of as the pain of exercise. You have to push yourself to grow your muscles. The pain, as the old saw goes, produces the gain. In just the same way, we need diversity—in teams, organizations and society as a whole—if we are to change, grow and innovate.”

“How diversity makes us smarter“ – Katherin W. Phillips (2014)


So I decided to make a light batter: no egg, just flour, water and a bit of sparkling wine… to fry mozzarella slices again

the batter doesn’t look so nice, but I can guarantee that it works

just put the mozzarella slices in to it, then into breadcrumb and again batter and breadcrumb… and fry

dry them from the oil excess… and it’s done

maybe you can try different type of wine or even beer.. I think beer would work good ! The key is… try different things. DIversity is the key. To everything.