.: Where have all the flowers gone?

Let’s start the day with Joan Baez voice from her younger years…

and then, when you look at flowers, think…

… there would be no vegetables, and no fruits, without flowers. And as plants are food to all the other creatures, there would be no life, without flowers. And there wouldn’t be the beautiful (yes, beautiful!) vegetable soup I make with tomatoes, peas, beans, asparagus, potatoes, zucchine, parsley and more, from my father’s garden.

As I am no gourmet, I will also confess that my favourite pasta for the minestrone is Maltagliati, which I buy at the Coop market.

and invite you to think over again that we’d all be lost if the flowers had all gone. Thanks to Pete and to Joan for reminding.

Of course I know the song is not about “real flowers”… but you know, showing respect to flowers and showing love for mankind, actually seems to me pretty the same. And who knows… maybe people are starting to think about what direction mankind should take and what not.

March for our lives, March 24th