.: Thank you

Thank you sun, thank you soil, thank you water, and above all, thank you daddy, for this magic. This is dedicated to all of you which can’t walk directly among things growing in the summer…

plums are sooo sweet

pears are good too

you couldn’t cook without tomatoes

love peaches too

and what about chili peppers ?

.: New sounds, new feelings

I love the idea of new renditions of old songs. Some songs are just so beautiful that it seems hardly possible to make them even better. But sometimes, you can be surprised. Le fragole sono solo fragole, qualcosa che ho mangiato infinite volte, eppure ad ogni stagione possono avere un sapore diverso.

Actually things from the garden always change… like things in life always surprise you. If you just let them surprise you. I like them in the simplest way: sugar and lemon, and just a bit of time, so that they can release their sweet juice.

And you will be delighted and surprised by something you thought was already known.

.: Strawberry beret

Would you believe having strawberries and pears at the same time growing ? Well… people nowadays don’t even know which season things grow. They “grow” all the time in the supermarkets! But hey, this is not common! Know it please !

it’s my daddy’s miracles: autumn strawberries and lovely pears altogether. I have to honour this. Non avrei mai pensato di raccogliere fragole in Ottobre. Spettacolo!

The rain sounds so cool when it hits the barn roof
And the horses wonder who you are
Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees
You feel like a movie star

– Prince


.: Strawberry miracle

Have you ever seen true strawberries in a garden in october ?

Fragole in ottobre… mio padre è davvero incredibile, non trovate ??

Have you ever seen west purple shower, bells and tea?
Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green ?
Have you ever heard of a song which never has its own title sang inside ?

At times I do feel like it’s all absurd and beautiful. Don’t you ever feel all the beauty inside this hell of a world ?