.: (You don’t have to feel) fool

Ok, maybe I’m not doing it the perfect way… and maybe the name is batbout and not makhmar… I’m not sure, ok. But I won’t stop making it my own way, because … it turns out fine, anyway

…e mi piace tanto vedere quando si gonfia nella padella. Questo pane è perfetto, anche se forse non è esattamente cucinato come si dovrebbe, però è morbido e buono, e non ci vuole nemmeno tanto tempo per farlo

just a jump in the pan, and it’s done

don’t feel fool if you can’t make it right the first time… try again

Why do I need you so, why do I need you so bad?

.: I can’t go on Without you

Potete immaginare il cielo senza stelle, il mare senza acqua, la primavera senza fragole ? We can’t imagine spring without strawberries, we can’t go on without them. And I can’t go on without the wonderful berries from my daddy’s garden

they’re really big and sweet this year !


you only need to chop them, add some lemon and sugar, and they’re perfect

I can’t go on without them, really